Promotions to Operator!

I wanted to Congratulate our newest Operators who have been promoted today:


Congrazzeles on the promotion, and thanks for all your hard work, time and dedication you have put into this server!

EDIT KA: It’s on the front so I grammar Not-c’d it.

Also how’d you find this out :P?

Thx to the above staff who I didn’t get to express my thanks to earlier in game! I was very surprised to be promoted considering with or without the improvements we’re setting in place for the op rank I would have applied or inquired about it by the end of the month…Anywho thx so much! :smiley:

i saw both of them in game

This would be a good idea: Make a thread every month of all the people banned and promoted and showcase winners of that month’s contest or amazing builds.

Thank you all very much for the promotion! I will continue to work as hard as I can! :smiley:

K I was like did I miss some notice or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats guys you both completely deserved it!!!


Co… Co… Co… Congratulations!

Congratzz =D

Congratulations! From what I’ve seen of these people, most deserving :slight_smile:

Ha! Congrats! Been a while since there has been a congrats thread.

Hooray! So happy to have some fresh meat-uh… STAFF. Lol

Congratulations to both of you! :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats guys you worked hard and deserve every little bit of it.

Well done guys many congratulations.