Projectcitybuild [McForge]

Ok the condition of guestcity is horrible it looks like no one cares for classic. I know i don’t have too much authority but all of the staff (including myself) need to step up to the mark or Projectcitybuild as we know it could fall and it would be horrible to not have such a great server.

I wish i could actually do something :frowning: but i cannot. I do not have WoM or even able to connect to any classic servers from this laptop. Mainly because its for school. :frowning:

I know it is not an excuse for me, but most people were not able to even get on recently. I did check through guestcity yesterday so much of what you found was either new, or I missed it.

I did see logs of you banning and undoing and I am glad. The thing is, I think you were the only person on since I started it up that day.

I wish i could help as well, but im not staff. That and I cant get on for some dumb reason. I got a new old computer and it cant even handle minecraft classic. So sorry I guess. Hope someone takes time out of their busy schedule to help out now and then. :stuck_out_tongue: