Project: Underground Fire Temple

Some of you might already have noticed, I am building an underground fire temple. This involves stone bricks, lava, fire, iron bars and more lava. I don’t know whether or not I am going to give it an actual function, but since this is creative mode, it doesn’t need one other than eye appeal.

I will update this post with progress made, providing I won’t forget the existence of this post.

Made tunnel to first chamber.
Made first chamber.
Filled ravine with lava and netherrack.

Finish tunnel to second chamber.
Think up more chamber designs.
Terraform area around entrance (change water to something more suitable).
Change entrance to something less suspicious(not a small netherrack volcano with a gaping entrance, but a solid rock volcano with lava streams).

If you guys have any suggestions or ideas on how to improve it, tell em, please.
If you could help me out with building, it would be appreciated as well.

U should make cool floors that have lava running under them with glass on top
(here is minecraft wiki-style diagram)
F=what ever the floor is


I was thinking about that, but glass just doesn’t fit. I am trying too give it an ancient and temple-like look. I will try something like that, though. Maybe iron bars.

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