Project ocram_city

Hello im building ocram city and i need some help we need:

[li]Better roads[/li]
progress: 60%
(I will eventually clean some buildings)

Basic things

Rank needed: AdvBuilder
Between 3:30 PM and 6:00 PM online (timezone +1 i hour later as in england)

[size=0.7em]P.s. I need op to change build permission to AdvBuilder

Aaaaaaaah ocram_city os GONE!!!

problem solved.

Why did you lock this? It’s a project it doesn’t need to be locked yet…

lol oops sorry was tired and forgot it was a project xD removed my post

I make a site for ocram city:
Yes thats right a new link

lol you spelled “enjoy” wrong on that link. xD And is that site going to eventually show real pictures of Ocram_city? :stuck_out_tongue:

Please don’t bump threads so much Ocram.

If people are on the forums often, they will use the unread topics section and go through posts they haven’t seen, meaning they will see the post the first time.

Equally, finding useless posts in a topic is just annoying. Only bump if you have updated a previous post, and there seems to have been a large delay - indicating it hasn’t been seen. On the other hand, with a project like this, if people want to post, or get involved they will do. If people don’t, they will continue to ignore it.

Ok srry


Please go to the site:

Why have you made another thread about this? What was wrong with using the old one?

Well i would say thet you need to use the site for wverything
Oh you can ask me things about the site too

Upload some pics I wanna see it

I do too as I said on the other thread :slight_smile:

When you say "money"you mean donate? or SMP/CMP money?

why complain about it when we can merge it?

EDIT: didnt merge. Didnt know if i could

Shouldnt op+ already be ultimate? we can just give cookies at will…wouldnt make any sense