Project: Obstacle Course 2


For a long time i’ve been trying to come up with some idea to build. And now i got so inspirated from the original Obstacle Course-map, that i’m trying to build another one! :stuck_out_tongue: And now i need your help!
I’m trying to make it more difficult and longer than the original one. Im planning to build about 100 lvls to it. I know that its gonna take a long time to build it, but that is why i am asking your help. :stuck_out_tongue:
Levels must be detailed, not just like a gray tunnel with a hot_lava floor. And i really want this to be well built so the building permission is pro+.
At the time of writing this, the map has only 2 levels ready.

Ouhai fixed it, now the name is “obstacle_course2”.

And please comment here if you’re going to help me. :slight_smile:

Thank you,

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I’ll help with this when I’m on, I like making puzzles xD

As I created the 1st half of the original one, I’d like to help too :smiley:

Go ahead, cant wait to see your work! ;D

count me IN! but wait till i can spawn zombies >:[) HEHEHEHEHEHE

I’m up.

Good! :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m working on with level 7 right now, feel free to continue it!

Made shortcuts up to 7. Gonna go make moar xD

I got a great idea. Make a nerve gass parkour stage!! That would be epic!

Made shortcuts up to 8, Maybe we could have a “Test Your Luck” thing next. I’ll get on it asap.


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Edit: Working on level 11. It’s called “Bullseye”

Please no double posting ferfer.

Ok Semi :smiley: Got the spawn done on Bullseye

Oh, i was going to post this earlier, but i didnt found the new forums until now xD (i had no idea of that the url was changed). But yeah, a little update: Course has currently 11 levels (just working on with 12). Thanks for everyone who has helped! :slight_smile:

Oh and fer, i dont get how im supposed to pass lvl 11. Could you explain it to me? :smiley:

Gonna pitch in and help, I got a pretty sweet idea for an obstacle course :3 (So, gonna do lvl 13)

Btw, can’t start on lvl 11, where am I suppose to go? I dont even get spawned on top of the jumping board…

Finished Level 13 - Mountain Climbing
Instructions :
Click on the blue portal to try and climb up the wall.
Some places are not ‘realistically’ climbable so you’ll ‘fall’ down.

Awesome! Now we need to make a Level 14. Any ideas?

Awesome level Kedji! :slight_smile:

I made a portal to next level and started it already a bit.

Made shortcut to LVL 14. Also added a bit to it with aww.