Project: Lobby

Hooray! We are now on page 7 of McServerList! (Which does explain the sudden influx of new players). Quite a few people are coming looking for a modern city building server and our lobby map is looking sorely unfinished.

So feel free to build in the lobby (I’m pretty sure that you can build there). There are plenty of plots of land in the main city area immediately north and south of the spawn building. Staff should still have access to world edit. The scale is a bit smaller than in Big City, but it should make it faster for you to build.

If you do build please remember to furnish the bottom level (and have a ground floor to ceiling height of 4 or 5 blocks). Build small buildings, build tall buildings; it’s up to you!

It would be great to completely fill the map to the point where we have to start renovating/improving buildings to make the map better.

Nice :smiley:

thats Great! ;D

Special be sure that at least all the staff have perms to build. i know i personally haven’t asked yet, but i do need perms to be able to.

Its 1am here. I’ve turned off build protection on the map so hopefully it will work. If it doesn’t I’ll be up in about 7 or so hours time.

ok awesome. if i get some free time today ater work i may get on to just do some building

Get Saintnizair building hes an awesome builder

By 05: fixed name

Awesome! Can’t wait to start :smiley:

WE available?

only for mods +

Yey for WE creative <3

That’s great! Pretty soon we’ll be on the first page, then the top of the first page… :D. Anyways i hope this wave of new players aren’t just a group of griefers… And I dare one of them to claim they’re from Planet Minecraft. ;D

Surprisingly, my building skills lowered! Lol ill try to get on ASAP. PCB Is still my favorite server dispite the fact I am on HeartkoreGaming’s highlander team. :slight_smile:

Several of the newer builders have been quite good. Andy even got to meet a new member who built a redstone calculator on his first day. We have a new redstone expert in that guy.

I fear what might happen if we did hit the front page though! Some of you know what happens in Classic when that happens…

There are literally not enough staff at any time when that occurs.

Surely about 10 staff on at any time will be perfect.

Just wanted to make sure that you knew, last night WE was only on lobby for mods+ not creative, that is what was intended right, just wanted to be sure, there was some confusion last night

Yep. Mod+ can use worldedit in the lobby only.
Obviously SOP+ have it for all maps.

Ok then. I shall build something in BigCity. Oh we should add a subway like we did in Classic Big City. Be sure to warn everyone too if there’s too many new people coming on.

Correct. It has been that way for awhile, and I have asked Spec and Andy about it.

I hate to say it, but spec can you turn off building there for members/guests? I came on this morning to a half destroyed lobby.

Well, at least guests, it makes t a bit harder for them to grief, as most wont gO into the troyble of singing up on a server website to grief one city