Project Idea : Huge Forest

I recently watched “Bashcraft : The Legend of Hobo” and saw an amazing project we could do in Episode 5. Watch it!

Bashcraft: The Legend of Hobo - Episode Five “Jungle Fever”

Skip to 6:14 to see the huge forest.

I also have an idea where to put them -
We can place these giant trees near the edges of the world. Once the player sees these giant trees, this means that they are now near the edge and can no longer go further.

Cool and functional at the same time, LOVE IT :smiley:

I would love to help out!

Kashyyyk anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:

Then i can be the lumber jack who cuts it all down, or creeper who blows it all up. :stuck_out_tongue:

I prefer not suicide

Yes, totally.

Hmm will we be including the treehuts? :smiley:

Or Endor? I AM AN EWOK.

:smiley: sounds great

Sounds like fun i may have to take part in this >=D

I would definitely participate in a project like this, so, whose gonna be the leader of this project? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh god, if we all got ewok skins, this would look epic. To bad we can’t mod our characters to be much shorter. I was especially happy to see the videos this guy has made. THIS IS THE THREAD OF FIRE!!!

Very interesting indeed, difficult too. I’d love to see tree borders.
What about the nether? Walls of lava? Netherrack stalactites forming a boundary?

Would it be possible to recreate the farlands on the map border?

I prefer trees over farlands. At least trees don’t hurt the eye.

Maybe a mixture of both to look natural, like around ponds there are like watermelons or community crops? Plus tree houses :smiley:

i really like the id i think it looks amazing

Would love to help out!

Lol I love this line “I’m the lake on fire!” XD

Haha, so you watched the whole series? xD It’s really funny xD
And it’s “I’m the burning lake!” XD

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