Project: Hilltop Avenue


So i started building away from the spawn area for more space , trees an other resources as some may know, the places started off as one house,mine in fact. now grown to about7-8 houses with a farm an soon to have a village an across from the village will be a ship that’s got its hull smashed so it looks like it crashed

Would it be possible to have a few npcs here once the village is done . if this is possible could one be like hobo but maybe called pirate tradesman or just hobo an maybe a general goods/ore trade and amour and the bank that will be there open to new comers and locked chests for people that are then trusted to build freely in the area could there possibly be a dispenser that gives free wood tools?

i know this is a big ask but it be worth it

Also no too bothered if not but maybe if portals/warps are working in server have a warp from the spawn but like i said not to bothered about this

Also great work with site and servers ive noticed some new faces on smp witch is good an bad as you may know, and also friendly ops/admin an the other familiar faces :slight_smile:

I’ve got a bunch of cobblestone in my house. I’d love to help you with your town.

I haven’t been on too much recently due to a lot of coursework, and deadlines, but I would definitely be up for helping too :smiley:

Sadly, a recent inundation of new players has led to some rather … er… horrible looking buildings to Hilltop Avenue.


If someone claims the rights to Hilltop, then they have every right to remove buildings they don’t like. It won’t be counted as griefing considering players need permission from the Town leader in order to build there. If anything, it’s considered griefing on their part for not asking.

ok ty for cleaning that up, mel i went offline an probaly wont be on till monday so. i added redstone in the chest where wolf care is

and can u either remove an rehome or just destroy the cobblestone house behind my house and ask that no1 build near my house plz. and if u come off that hill there is a random building if thats waht u call it , could u break it plz

also at the entrance to hilltop i started a Rules bored. add ur own rules to it
ive done what i can think off an put a few rules
on the directon boards plz :slight_smile:

also the second farm if u want make it kinda like the first wih a storage shed. but not to worryed about that atm.
u dont have to do as i said above but if u want u can
and as nek said above feel free to remove/edit buildings to ur liking just say rippor said i could :slight_smile:

Rippor ur friendly house elf :stuck_out_tongue:

I am starting work on something near the small daycare centre and ‘spartans house’.Not sure what its gonna be yet, probably a pub/inn/b&b which is also my home

Sweet, ill check it out tomoz :slight_smile:

That’s exactly why I started rebuilding Paradise Falls. Have fun cleaning up!
By the way, I can help build and rebuild whenever. Just ask me.

Yea I can help you build to

You and other ops and members are always welcome to build in hilltop
also if u feel or see something that u thinks outa place fell free to edit it

Im currently working on a woods that will be public an ill replace the trees once they get low
then onto the villege below hilltop witch will have a bank with a some locked chests and ill be handing the password out to a selcet few so that the resources wont just be hogged by untrusted people

You can help me build village , just need to finish making ground flat an gather wood an make some smooth stone got a few stacks of wood an stone
want the village to look good and have

Council building
Maybe a general good shop
Mayors office/crib
ANd a pub/restraunt in the heart of the place sorta like a meeting room :smiley:

and maybe a few other things but havent thought of them yet.

also if want to do somthing in hilltop . just to the left of my house near the trach entrance were the rules board is there is a light house if u wanna add the glass to that an tell me how mutch sand an coal u used ill pay u back :slight_smile:

Yea I can help build too

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