Project City Build's RESORT

Currently I am in the state of California, surrounded by many hotels. And I Noticed something. PCB does not have a resort, and very few hotels. So I plan to build one once I get back. I will need help finding, leveling, then enlarging of a beach. After that the resort will be under construction. If anyone has any extra resources that I can use that would be greatly appriciated. I will take anything you give me, except dirt. The final phase of this project will involve me hiring employees and accepting guests. If anyone has any suggestions/comments please post them below.


The hotel is almost finished, I just need a ton of sand, coal, glass, and sandstone. If anyone has theese, please give them to me or put them in a locked chest inside the resort. The resort is located right outside boomtown, you can’t miss it. After the hotel is done and guests start arriving, I will start adding on the extra buildings such as beaches, spas, docks, ect., ect… The final point I would like to address in this update is if I could get the resort moved when we wipe the server. It would be appropriate to put it on a beach by the ocean, however whatever works for the admins works for me.

Ill definitely help out on whatever, I have lots of resources also, always glad to be apart or projects :slight_smile:

IM IN!!! this sounds like a great idea. Will it be a resort with just 1 hotel or with several?

I can’t believe no one thought of this earlier

There will be 1 hotel with 18 rooms, all of different sizes. There are 12 small, 4 medium, 1 big, and 1 penthouse. The top floor is a restraunt that looks out over boomtown. The roof will be either a pool or a park, depending on which everyone would rather have. And on the celing in the lobby, there will be PCB written out in glowstone.

Sounds cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds awesome. How much will the penthouse be?

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