Project City Build Server on Xbox360?

Ok im gonna get the minecraft Xbox360 edition as soon as it comes out, and I was wondering, is there gonna be a PCB server on the XBOX?

Honestly, arkger, we will cross that bridge when we come to it xD

ahh… ok

PS-also, am i the only one who is gonna get it?

i dont have a Xbox atm, and even if i did i prolly wouldn’t get it right now. From what i here the SMP on XBOX MC is like… 7 people per server or something low like that, there will be no mod/texture packs to begin with either. so i know that i will not be getting it untill all of that is fixed. not only that but everytime they port a game from one console to the other its buggy as hell. personally i would wait untill its Finito before you buy it.

Well, shadow, it isnt an exact port…

It had to be remade, thats why the date got pushed back… XBOX doesnt run java, so it had to be re-written.

Plus, im getting the day it comes out!

oh word? i didn’t realize it wasn’t getting ported over XD… idk then, it could be a coin toss as to how buggy it is. let us know when you get it Arkger!

Ehh… might be hard for me cause I can’t play on xbox live + I have crappy internet + ot costs money to play online. >.> Probably not me :stuck_out_tongue:

wont be getting it, PC gaming>console

im getting it :3

Sweet!!! and, it does seem like it will be a good game… in fact it will get CTF before Pcs!

Well if i had an Xbox, i would definitely get it very soon after it came out. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: