So we do have some really interesting events, especially the recently PCBExpo. But I want to suggest a new Event which is popular in real life, which is the Gay Pride. I know that this topic is really controversial to some member of Project City Build and also we have some kids playing on here too. But the fact is I really want a celebration of not just “proud” of being gay but also being whoever you are.

We certainly will not stop ya from doing whatever you want on the server, so long as it’s not to offend or with any malicious intent! You could probably easily design a place for this, and have people participate. I dunno how it would be turned into an OFFICIAL server event, as those are usually more elaborate, but I don’t see why you can’t make it into an event of your own, and get people in on it.

I forgot when Gay Pride week was, but maybe we could do some kind of event for that! Or anytime, for that matter, because anytime is good to celebrate humanity :smiley: I like the idea!

I’m not too sure about having a gay pride per se. It would cater to a really small segment of our player base.

However, I’m definitely thinking about other events we could organise. We could have an event where people would build on plots with buildings that represent themselves in real life. I dunno, but I’m thinking about it.

So, like the WorldExpo but for each specific person? I like it! Perhaps in groups of 4 or 5, each building a section within each plot.

The pride thing is a nice idea, but wouldn’t be an official one due to how small it would be. Feel free to organise and advertise it on the forums yourself though! I’m sure some people would be interested.


This sounds fun, to each their own. But remember there still is the rule no sexual objects or skins other than that good luck. ;D ;D ;D

Ill be potentially proposing an event but I’m still planning it ;D

It doesn’t necessarily have to be gay pride, it could be a whole LGBT type thing, possibly builds representing different sexualities?

I mean we have so much hype over gay pride, why not show support for other types of sexuality, (ie, bisexual, trans, asexuals)

I am against this, as Homosexuality offends some people such as me. i guess you could say I am homophobic…

@minikitkat1 then don’t participate? I don’t see how it’s hard to ignore a forum post? If you are that afraid then leave the server lol, this is a very diverse server

Yep, some things offend people, but this is not a mandatory thing at all, like every event.

Anyway, I understand the idea, but it seems like it wouldn’t cater to many people, so as everybody else states how about we make it about being proud of ourselves. So I can make a plot of signs explaining why I’m the best person to ever exist.

Yeah I guess so. I will just try to ignore it.