project city build fallback

OK, i now have painstakingly made a creative server, the New address is
it will be on whenever pcb is down during the hours of 11:00 to 23:00 london time, it will be host to 3 maps on at once, one called Main, one called guestcity (named after the pcb map) and the othermap will be either Projectmega, or projectOmega, depending on what is wanted and required, i have tested it out and it works so far, i will need more testing to see if it works under strain, but it has yet to buckle to physics bombardment and cuboid terrors =]
if you want your ranks transferred over if this takes off, then pm either me or liam599, we will see to it =]

whoooooo! PCB is down now though xD
And this isnt up.

To anyone reading this and wondering: ‘eh? WUT TEH… ?! WHY ISNT IT ONLINE?!’
Idk, but fatso said he wont be on until 4 today, so im guessing his computer isnt on therefor neither is the server!

what is this server going to be called?

its on now XD, longer shift then i first thought…

does anyone know how to make it keep the same address code?

now its … andy i need your help XD

Great! So if this is going to be up when PCB is down, then won’t this be up all the time? ;D

i can run it whilst pcb is up, but i wont be moderating it… cause ill be on pcb XD

Liam has made fallback a forums! =D
if you are interested please join it =]
as this is all about 2 days old there will be errors, there will be glitches and there will be stupid mistakes made by me and liam, but we will prevail!!!

Was the new forum really nessesary? I could have given you guys an entire subsection of this site’s forums :confused:

sorry, didnt mean to upset anyone, ill get rid of them if you want me to? i just wanted to do a bit more, thinking it would be an idea to keep people up to date with whats going on :L if you’d still be willing to make a section for us on these forums that would be awesome :smiley:


One site would be easier to check up on too, plus it means no one has to crate an account on the new one… and… less pressure for liam! =D, he was saying that it was annoying to do XD


Just give me a list of boards you want created and I’ll put them up and if you’d like, give you moderation powers over them.

say normal things, such as;
general topics
help topics
project topics
news and announcements

would be sweet =]


I have also made both of you moderators over the entire subsection.

awesome!!! thank you andy =D

Thank you andy for the forum section =], btw the server status and new url will be posted in there as and when it needs to be updated

Thanks andy! ive disabled the other forums, dont know how to delete…

This is Fascinating!

Oh, and Merry Christmas! - 2 hours too late by my time though. ::slight_smile: