Project: Air Force One

Now that The White House is finished, our next goal is to build Air Force One! The Federation requires a ‘mobile’ command center in the event of an attack on The White House/Capital City, or if government officials just want to get away from the crowded cities. Anyone can participate!

What we need:

Quartz Blocks (tons)
Red Hardened Clay (Replacing the blue with red because red is apart of our flag) (decent amount)

More supplies needed will be posted after the exterior is complete.

Post below how you would like to contribute if interested!

I would like to be pilot/captain :slight_smile:

I’ll take note of that. We can talk more about it when it’s finished, there will be on board jobs.

I would like to help! Time to head into the nether for quartz.

Waaaiiit. You’re building ANOTHER white house? :o

Where did you get that I was building another White House?

Wait. So who are the Federation? Is it just Farcoast, but renamed?

The Federation isn’t Farcoast. It’s similar in some ways due to the fact that we now have all rights to the city of Farcoast itself. There is no longer anything like the FCA, and our government operates similar to the United States.

Aaaaaaahhhh. Right, I get it now!

Let me know if you want airplanes built. I’m sure I can make something decent. :3

Exterior is complete!

Niko and I are living in one of the planes engines. It is really tight but cozy, and also very warm. We are open to some females dropping by…

HOLY SHIZZLES, I’m impressed rob! Id add in some redstone torches on the wings and tail to make it a tad bit more realistic but all in all I’m more than impressed! its huge! All hail The Federation and its new Air Force One!

Looking pretty good so far!

Vive la revolution

Oh wow. Great job Robin :smiley:

That plane looks sweet! I see you bought some cobwebs from my store. :wink:

Bbaaaaccckkkk in my day, it took 3 days just to go across the border! now with these new aero planes it takes 30 seconds. #oldworldproblems

Please try to refrain from posting in outdated topics :stuck_out_tongue:

wow I don’t even recall hearing about this sorry I would have helped :-\