I have noticed a lot of swearing and profanity on the server lately, I thought it was against the rules and it’s making me very uncomfortable, I deeply dislike swearing and profanity and there are young people on the server
I wish everybody could be more conscious of the rules of the server :’(

I agree 100% if it’s against the rules it’s against the it’s against the rules, it puts a bad face on the server and is frankly not pleasant to listen to, also there are kids that play on the server whether you notice them are not, I personally know a few

Sorry, but you’ll have to deal with it or leave, frankly. Swearing is allowed, as long as its not directed at anyone.

Still, even though it’s allowed doesnt mean that we have to do it. It really does add a negative face to the server. I attempt to avoid swearing while im on the server.

True, as I hardly swear. I think it can slow down, but I doubt it will go away.

its the internet
if you’re too young for profanity, you shouldn’t be on here. Unless someone is swearing directly at you, its not a problem.

To a certain extent though. Quite frankly, whenever I’m on it’s just a massive amount of swears everywhere and I’m getting sick and tired of it. I don’t care if it’s indirect or not, too much is too much. People should respect others opinion on swearing and should at the very least try to swear very little. People shouldn’t be swearing left and right, it’s just getting too excessive and annoying to see. I’m going to start muting people who swear a bunch, if you don’t like it too bad, I’m done with all this swearing. If you don’t like my opinion fine by me, everyone views these type of things differently.

I do think the Cussing is a bit too much at times, but it’s the internet. Deal with it. It’s always going to be on the internet. And it is not against the rules to cuss as long as it ain’t toward someone. :confused:

if it is in excess, i wouldn’t mind jailing and muteing people. but again, you need to understand, it IS the Internet. People swear, and cake tastes delicious.

I will be working on adding a plugin to control swears. You will be able to turn it on and off. This means players who do not wish to see swears can do /sweartoggle on. and those who wish to see them can do /sweartoggle off. It will be defaulted to off.

Thank you for replying everyone I will take note and I hope you will finish that command hard :slight_smile:

Awesome. Let me know if you finish it before spec gets back, I’ll set it up on the server.

What the flippity flap is going on here? Dont want any part of the mother lovin thread. Im out ninjas.

i would also like to remind people… there is an /ignore command.
if you dont like the way someone is talking. /ignore em :3

I’ll be back on the weekend. San Francisco is nice and foggy.

The ignore command can’t be used on staff members.

it can be on everyone else, though. i know most of the staff dont swear that much unless provoked or pissed off.

Now that sounds like some sexy toggling!

I also agree there is too much swearing on the server sometimes and it can get you down and makes you feel like just not being on here sometimes. It really is a sign of the times that nowadays, it seems to be the done thing amongst most of the population around the world - but it doesn’t make you look older or more clever.

Some people use swearing as an ‘ok’ thing but I do think there is too much of it on most servers where multi-play goes on. I have always tried to avoid swearing on any server as it does not get you anywhere - it just creates more problems.

Perhaps we can make swearing more anti than accepted on our server.

[size=1em]I think that all players including staff should be able to control themselves.

[size=1em]Staff should be the first to set a good example to the rest of the players not only by not swearing but by our way of handling things when they get a bit out of control etc.

[size=small]Please lets try and sort something out with this problem soon [size=small]as we, as staff, represent the owner of the server and do not want to give him a bad reputation for his server.

We want to encourage people to play and have fun and come back to the server.

Many people find bad language, race or religion offensive and then they do not come back - and to be honest I don’t blame them.

As a member of the staff I would like to say, how can we tell others off if some of us also swear on the server.
[size=1em]Please lets try and sort something out with this problem.

Swearing always has been, and always will be, allowed on this server, as long as it isn’t directed at anyone with means to cause harm.

If you don’t like it, grow the fuck up and do something about it. You can ask nicely for people to calm it down a bit, you can use /ignore (but this is not recommended for use on a staff member) or you can leave. Nobody is making you stay.

That sounds harsh, and in a way it is. Welcome to life. There will always be people who do or say things you don’t like. You just have to ignore them and get on with your life. If you keep going on about it, it will only get worse.

Hard has already said he will be getting a plugin to allow individuals to chose weather swearing is shown or not, so there is no more discussion needed.