From what i see no one can join the server.
its going
Logging in… for like 2 minutes… then End of Stream.
all other servers work. and im not the only one getting this

Exactly the same happens with me. A long time saying ‘Logging in…’ then the end of stream message. Other servers work fine.


Yeah the server gliched out… stuck at 00:46-00:49 need Andy to reset it

isn’t he sleep?
so were screwed ande i dont like outsid :-\

We need like a remote reset option that maybe only SOP’s have access to, in case of things like these. And maybe Andy would have that option, someone in US, and someone in UK, that way there will always be someone available.

Yea OP’s or someone need to be able to reset it remotely so the server is almost always up

eehh too addicted… my total play time is 11 days… NEED MOAR!

Mine is 22 days, it’s messed up though, there’s no way I played 570 hours

Mines perfectly real!

I cant believe nobody has asked the queston “Why?” yet. It’s happening to me to and IM GETTIN MAD! RRRRRRRR…woah.

So the server’s down. We can’t do anything about it until Andy gets on. And complaining isn’t going to make time go faster.

Server is going back on in 2 minutes

It’s up.

Currently there is an issue where lightning striking a painting puts the server into an infinite loop - which is why the server stays up but you’re unable to rejoin.

Hopefully this issue gets fixed soon as it has been the cause of every crash as of lately