Princess Leia Appreciation Post

Hello, today im here to bring you sad news. Your Royal Highness Princess Leia has passed.


We will miss you, Leia, at least we have some holograms of you.

Of all the celebrity deaths we have had this year I think the death of Carrie Fisher saddens me the most. I have grown up watching all the Star Wars films and I am glad she can be remembered with these films.

RIP Princess Leia :’(

R.I.P December 27th, 2016. Two days after Christmas. May she lie in peace with the angels in heaven above.

May the force be with you Princess! She shall be missed along with the other big names that have been lost in 2016

Her daughter Billy Lourd has a lot to live up to her mother’s name. I think she’s great in Scream Queens :slight_smile:

Rest in peace, Carrie Fisher. You will be remembered along with many other notable names during 2016. May the eighth, and the last appearance for the, episode of Star Wars become a great movie.

   Carrie Fisher


October 21, 1956
December 27, 2016

May the Force be with you princess, always…

Everybody’s dying. 2017 will never come since there’ll be nobody left to see its coming.

Not everyone, that’s part of the problem there’s some who just won’t die; and look what that’s done to American politics.

If either the Queen or Betty White dont make it, the world will end. Also, the Queen has been sick lately, even missing the annual Christmas celebrations. Cross your fingers m8s

Carrie’s mother, Debbie Reynolds, has also died. According to the family she was planning Carrie’s funeral when she was taken to hospital with a suspected stroke.

Yes so sad for all the family not only to loose Carrie but also their mother Debbie Reynolds

I have now seen Rouge One, and…

[Slight Spoilers]


Princess Leia’s appearance at the end was very poignant, especially with this tragic news.