Prettiest Spawn Award -Canceled-

I’m starting the Prettiest Spawn Award! This is my idea to help beautify the survival server’s towns! The task is to make the best looking city/town spawn area for your city, using unique ideas and materials. I will not judge on rarity/price of items used!! The winner will win $1,000 along with a plaque of the award nearby. Town owners have until 5/10/13 to create/improve their spawns. After the deadline, I will chose 3-5 finalists and make a poll for you to vote on. Happy creating! :smiley:

**I will be judging the area around the “/warp [cityname]” area, and not any town squares, city buildings, or other structures or designs not around the spawn.

steampunk spawn area joins in

I would, but I like Treetops spawn the way it is.

Cool initiative! Good luck to all :smiley:

Yomi you should consider making the warp/spawn area bigger and also if help is needed I’m always here to help.

Why would i make it bigger? It has everything you need. View, Info, Mascots, AutoLights, shelter, mailbox

Well Hell… I would do this, but im stuck with finals the following Monday, so I’ll be studying…

If you entered please post below.

i did with Steampunk

When are the results being posted?

Im also curious

Well I was going to have a poll for people to vote on, however nobody has posted to say they entered…which is weird because I know more people did.

Well…aparently only one person participated…so the contest is canceled… >_>

… I find that a Bit Unfair

Yomi, you have a valid reason for thinking it unfair, but Ferr is right that the contest never even began. This thread started as a sign up for a contest. The sign up date was extended because only you signed up. After that, no one else signed up so there were not enough contenders to even make a competition.

I see why you think you should win by default, but the point of this was to have a competition. Take Weel of Fortune for example. If only one person showed up, do you think they would play anyway?

They’d pit the contestant against the host, duh! :stuck_out_tongue: