Pray for Texas

I’ve just seen the news, I hope no one from the server is from texas, if you are I hope your all ok.

Just in case no one knows what the hell is going on in Texas, this is it:

Too be completely honest, People should move to South Dakota. There is absolutely nothing to do here. Even blowing up the state is low.

Anyways, I do hope no one go hurt.

Mythbeast is from texas =/

Me and mythbeast goto the same town.

Great another fire in texas. :L
We just had a fire not even a month ago.

Hard and Ggg are in Texas as well if im not mistaken

It killed 5 people - raized the surrounding buildigs too.

I heard 15 people.

I heard there were hundreds injured…

Meanwhile, in Texas. Not meaning to offend anyone here; Boston: We had three bombs go off! panic, Texas: Lolthatscute.

Our thoughts are with all you guys in the U.S.A. Keep Safe.

I must admit that I agree with Hard about the disparity in news coverage about the Boston bombing. Some have said that it is all that is all that is on the news lately. I get that it is big and recent, but there have to be worse events in the world that also need coverage. This is a good example.

While I know this is an accident compared to the bombings, so that adds a lot of urgency to that article. Catching the criminal/s is a priority. It will probably end up being some crazy guy living alone. “Book em Dano!”. Will s/he plead insanity?

Well one of the suspects is dead along with an MiT Police Officer (Boston). Stay safe everyone :slight_smile:

apparently the two suspects are brothers, making bombs outta pressure cookers and nails D:
One has been shot dead, the other has the entirety of Boston on Lockdown procedure. He has killed two officers with bombs he threw outta his car at them while in pursuit… so yeah prolly some nutter.

I just found out about this too the other day through someone mentioning it on the server, with all the hype going on in Boston, news channels haven’t been talking about anything besides the Marathon around here (MA. resident). Anywho, I hope all the Texas people seeing this post know that I hope you or anyone in your family or any of your friends hasn’t been affected by the explosion. If someone you know has, I’ll keep the person in prayers. Boston is all a rumble up here, we got FBI everywhere, a few towns that my friends live in are in lock-down so I’m hopeful no more bad is going to happen and that there aren’t any more people about to get injured or killed.

Me and KelzioAuditore are from Texas! We were not near the explosion but a friend heard it. As far as I know, no one we know was injured by it.
Its a terrible thing though :C I really hope it was just an accident. Following so closely after the Boston bombing it does make you wonder.


Ive been wondering for a while now if there was any connection to everything