I really want to prank someone by filling their house with dirt. Is this allowed?

Better question, Is nondestructive pranking that doesn’t kill anyone allowed?

Basically, if you two have told each other about wanting to do pranks to each other, and have talked general terms of the pranks, then it is fine.

However, it is surprisingly easy to become upset about a prank, and react awfully to the situation.

Be mindful of what you are doing to each other.

[ol][li]Make it easily reversible, and not do any permanent damage, as we won’t be fixing it[/li]
[li]Ensure you do it on someone who won’t take it badly[/li]
[li]Don’t come moaning to us when they do it back[/li][/ol]

But deadly pranks are the best…

Or at least Shadowmeire must think so.