Post Your Christmas List!

 Hello, it's me, Brooding. Christmas is closing in, fast! As I post this topic, there is only twenty days until Christmas Day! I want to know what players of PCB want this Christmas. And, for those that don't celebrate Christmas, and another holiday, then happy holidays! ;D

Here’s my Christmas list with my reasons why I want it:

  • The Crew (along with the expansions)
    Reason: I like a racing game that includes all of the United States.

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III
    Reason: It’s the newest CoD game, and I always play the predecessor, CoD: BO II.

  • Motivational Poster
    Reason: It’s a perfect poster in my room.

  • A button that says “B.S.”
    Reason: It’s something that would brighten my day.

  • A pet hamster (any type)
    Reason: I’ve had a hamster as a child, but I forget about having a pet hamster.

  • New Jersey map poster (any kind)
    Reason: I love maps, and I like the shape of the state. Also, I live in the state.

    That’s all I want for Christmas. I don’t like getting anything expensive. Don’t worry, I already have “Cards against Humanity”, I got it last Christmas.

Steam Cards
Battlefront on PC…

and maybe a webcam



Computer mic and a Camera (I wanna start YouTube my cousins already have channels :l ; ChefAnshcho and Kartoons) :l :wink: , Choclate, some cash and Legos

Money, chocolate and booze

SimCity (torrent takes too long to download :/)

A new HDD, 1+ TB, NOT HITACHI PLZ (Hitachi HDS721010CLA332 failed in my computer)

That’s about it, I practically have everything I want/need.

Marry Christmas! DO IT!

Sony Xperia Z5. That’s about it.

go with Seagate’s 1TB (BARRACUDA)

rubik’s cubes
^ that
shirts and socks
the right to be left alone by my sister

my favorite list yet

Mine is plain and simple: Xbox 1 (GTA, BO3, FO4) - check
Hoverboard - check
New hoodies - on coming
socks and other items - coming
legos (can never, and I mean NEVER go wrong with legos man) - maybe
steam giftcard - maybe
shoes (maybe yeezy’s or just more converse…)
more cologne :wink:

There’s a difference between what I want and what I’m actually going to get.
I want a Steam voucher of some sort, maybe a RAM upgrade to my computer, and a mouse that actually works.
I’m probably going to get a shit-ton of textbooks that I will immediately have the obligation to study.

Because I’m a Big Boy now.

I would like some books and some Barley toy candies.


That was my first choice :smiley:

I can see why they nickname the Hitachi Deskstar the Deathstar.

I could go for some more Armani Cologne and some nice pants and shirts from Industrie. Other than that I don’t want anything really :slight_smile:

Want? Oh wow. This list could go on forever… Actually I’m not entirely sure. I bought myself a new guitar relatively recently.

Get? Uh. Hmm. I tend to just save up and buy shit myself rather than waiting until Christmas/Birthday nowadays.

I think my Mum or Dad will buy me music as I was hinting that there was a CD I liked. Nothing much, but I like my music. I like suits, which has become a kind of inside joke type thing so my girlfriend is getting me a tie and maybe something else I think. Then something from secret Santa with my housemates. I’d also like some new headphones, shirts are always good, band merch maybe. Apart from that, refer to Ouhai’s list. Booze is always an option.

List of things I want by order of importance

  1. Home projector
  2. (tie) DSLR Camera
  3. New Clothes
  4. New PC
  5. New phone
  6. Money
  7. Booze

Any specific one? If you don’t know, I can help maybe :slight_smile:

Here’s what I’m getting:


What I want:

3DS games


Anime dvd boxsets

Cash Moneyzzz

What I will probs get knowing my family:

Socks/ugly ass clothing that is going straight to goodwill

A new Bible

maybe 20$

I want a copy of the bible in classical latin. cuz im a nerd.

All I want is the motivation to pass my exams. A girlfriend would be nice as well. Maybe a job could be useful.
But hey, I guess some money for steam is a realistic and more useful thing, right?