Post no... 100!

Weheeeeeeeee this is my 100th post ;D ;D ;D ;D Weeeeeeeee
[move] [shadow=red,left][size=3.95em]100th post!!! 100th post!!![/shadow][/move]

Well I am on 600 :wink: but congrats :slight_smile:

in da thousands, and been here a shorter amount of time then Ka XD

idk how many i have tbh :l whoo! somewhere in the hundreds xD

lol i missed my 100th and 150th… im determined to catch 200! :stuck_out_tongue: But congratz cram.

Most of the posts are from the ban X for reason Y and the word association

25 fucking pages long

I’m the 4th most poster after a few months (nearing a year on here) and still just mod. XD
Congrats on reaching 100 posts. :slight_smile:

Dislike :confused:

Cough… If this is a competition, pretty sure I win.

Blegh, I’m 2nd :slight_smile:

changes post count to over 9000

Although I think Shad wins the fake award for greatest amount of posts in shortest length of time. xD

.> im just… on here a lot… i get on here more than i do Facebook… to the point that when i click the url bar, i automatically type in the address for pcb before i realize what im actually doing xD

^ lol me2

I have it saved to my favourites bar, I often click it before I notice I’ve actually clicked it. xD

so apprently im the fastest person in everything on here? XD
Trusted->Mod-> Op
and Bedrock Miner the fastest?

lol me too. xD I get on so much as soon as i click the address bar comes up :stuck_out_tongue: And it is also on meh favorites bar :smiley:

When i get on the internet and have no idea what i was going to, i tend to just go here and see what’s going on. :stuck_out_tongue:

ikr? when im bored of doing math prep i just come visit xD

My fingers are like ninjas when i open the internet. I’ll go to do chemistry or something and I’ll be browsing the forums before I realize what I’m doing.