POST HERE: Save my creation!

To ensure your creations are saved from the cleanup, please post below in this topic in the following simple format:

Coordinates [X] [Y] [Z] / Screenshot / Warp / Area Name [b]Description of Area / Name[/b]

Anything posted in other threads for preservation will be ignored as this will act as our consolidated list. Please try to edit your original posts instead of double posting as it keeps things tidy.

To be preserved:


  • Spawn(Moved)
  • Sandy Point
  • BigCity (Moved)
  • Marketplace
  • Fortress (Moved)
  • Suburbia(Moved)
  • Wakepoint(Moved)
  • Milton Village
  • Vegas
  • Creative Cove(Moved)
  • Clifford-Estate [6550, 65, -760]
  • Forsyth(Moved)

Player Creations:

  • Fishy_mole1 (needs a screenshot!) 1530, 95, 681

  • Andy (sheep house) 259, 77, -356

  • JetBirdie -339, 112, -206

  • 673 65, -4406

  • MegaMegaMan 142.025, 72.62, -1693

  • Whubilly10 -950, 77, -354

  • Goofmobber 1415, 71, -453

  • narfnin
    A House => -88,82,412
    Apartments => -116,81,490
    Buried Tower => -161,72,490
    Drawbridge => -116,81,447
    Inner Keep => -115,89,400
    Sky Tower => -60,87,431
    Flying Island => -175,90,566

  • jgja1
    2568 60 -2608
    1354 100 -465
    9280 74 188
    -188 66 -333
    1423 83 -143
    -72 73 109
    and Dome town

  • SuperScout
    -132, 89, -623 It the high-walled building with the courtyard
    -53, 88, -573 The ring of cobblestone, I am building another building there

  • zakrox96
    213 70 -867 house near spawn

As said earlier, pertty much anything within normal fog distace of my home i would like to be seen kept there. and hard, what about your “trees”?

My home is just outside Creative cove, its the dirt multilevel

EDIT: Please provide screenshot and coordinates

x- 1530
z- 681

My town plz dont destroy :slight_smile:

EDIT: Please provide screenshot

I will try and get screen shots and coords when i have chance.

Coordinates: [-97] [81] [100]
The warp name is Fortress
The area is all fortress land. The entire two half castle, and all buildings surrounding it other than ones I post screenshots and direct coordinates of in the appropriate threads but I am sure it will be obvious that the entire immediate area is to be left untouched. Nothing within quite a large radius of Fortress is intended to be removed.

I would like to keep my home built into the mountain next to the dome untouched please. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Please provide coordinates and screenshot

Coordinates: 259 77 -356
Sheep house, you all know the one :wink:

I don’t think you will find it, but my hidden home under water should be saved. The pumpkin lighting marks it as mine.

Plz dont destory

Suburbia. Err. My tower in spawn. My Restored house by spawn.
My Plane
That Watch tower over tarra
The Boardwalk: I’m restoring it for a port

ok all i want to save is the town of llamaville coords for it are x 1002 y73 z 9966 and in the back there will be a two doors and some rails follow the rails and u will come to great lake llama as this is part of the town (also everything in the lake. also there is a farm outside of the town (like 7 blocks ) and can that be saved?

Kyle i found ur house XD

Edit by Kyle: Darn you!

Andy, I’ve been wanting to make a giant pig for a while. Next project…? :stuck_out_tongue:

Those pumpkins were mine, from when i was member, i didn’t yet realise we had /home so i put them thar

I would like the whole of creative cove saved please. me and vaio can sort out abondoned houses ect.
co-ords: /warp creativecove
Screen: you know what it looks like:P

Also our new town Cliff-ford Estates I would like saving. We only just started it.
Co-ords: 6550 65 -760
Screen: coming soon.

How do we post screenshots?

Don’t destroy my house and the walkway leading up to it. The coordinates of it are :
x -339 y112 z -206
Also, I have the site of a new town I want to make. The coordinates are:
x 673 y 65 z- 4406
Please do not destroy any of theese.

you can post them on photobucket and attach the link and put this code around them (without exclamation marks): [!img] [!/img]

EDIT: there is another way of doing it without posting on photobucket, but im not sure how.

EDIT: You can post your own pics as attachments. Choose additional options from the bottom of the posting screen.

My farm @ creativecove INCLUDING the chests in the water please.
Coords : -660 65 -455

Vai, this screen shot is amazing hahaha, GREAT sun placement

142.025, 72.62, -1693

Everything in that general vicinity.

Edit: Successfully moved!

Do not destroy my house/lake area co-ords


Cant do screenshots xD