Possible Problem.

I have Noticed that our world is FILLED with random houses and abandoned towns.
heres a list of them that have been forgoten about
Adella (silver lake)
Wake point
Paradise Cove
New Forsyth
Paradise Falls
Creative Cove

and i know that this map is starting to fall apart. and im wondering what do we do
do we get a whole new map?
do we get a new map but copy and paste things in (spawn, bigcity, ect)
Do we move spawn?
Do we do nothing for now
What do we do. I did have another idea. that if its possible to reload chunks.
we could reload every chunk except the ones around spawn, (spawn ocean) and big city, and some other towns.

Yeah we need to do something about this the map is kind of spanned up with random things…maybe we keep same seed and just port some of the main things over to the new one. Maybe while this is happening we oils do different custom/adventure maps every day (survival island, hardcore parkour). Every town/city seems to fail maybe we just need single homes. Kind of sad that we have to think about this actually.

I blame the Iconomy

I see your point Hard, but I wonder how feasible it is. There is a lot and I mean a lot that I would want to save. I think the easiest thing to do would be to move the spawn point to a less inhabited area.

how about putting it in Andy’s snow city? The hot air balloon would be a good spot. Its still in range of our original stuff, but the area is mostly untamed. We can even move that point to different official cities to change our look.

I would just like to say that Creative Cove has not been forgotten about. We have just halted expansion because:
A. We already have the highest population of any town on the server.
B. We would be getting too close to other towns that have popped up close to ours.

I like Kyle’s idea of moving it to snow village. That town is amazing- it would be sad to see it get forgotten like the rest of the towns.


The admins could also travel around the map if they got some time and wipe some of the abandoned stuff away which im sure would help out quite a bit but I do agree places like Hiltop havent been travelled in a verrrrry long time

I haven’t seen Rippor around for a while, did he quit?