Possible new rule?

Hard24get came up with a good idea for a new sever rule.

Any new guest who mentions aVo will be banned unless it is something like:

“who is avo?”
“is it true that avo came here?”

So anything that a guest says that supports aVo will result in a ban. Let us know what you think.

This is the thing which is most likely to be said is
That means instant ban. no questions asked.


Sounds good.

Agreed here as well. We will not issue an in game rule about this. That would only warn them. Do you think they check our forums too?

Hmm… maybe…
Maybe we could change the permissions of the forums around temporarily? letting guests do and see less?

I watched a video of aVo in “action”. Rather stupid stuff really. So they made their own vanish command and superpickaxe equivalent. Unless they can hide who did the block changes, it all won’t matter.

The important thing to note from the video I saw, was that the aVo members had a person with trusted rank. They infiltrated first. First smart thing I saw them do!

I wonder what we would need to block from guests eyes? Our policy on how we deal with aVo is the only thing I think should be ranked trusted and up.

Maybe we just shouldn’t promote anyone to trusted for a while.

Sounds like a good idea to me. Also, lets enforce this on the forums Mmmmkaaaay?

sounds like a good choice! though maybe a warning in the greeting after a player list? [move][glow=red,2,300]lol wat[/glow][/move]