Possible Absence

As many of you know, ive been without a job since i moved to Florida 5 months ago.

Well just recently i landed a job as a private contractor selling Comcast cable, i have a possibility with this job to less at LEAST $900 worth of product a week.

Ontop of that, another old job lead has resurfaced and ill be working that job as well as Comcast on the side.

Both of these will be starting this week, so im not sure how much time i will be on, because ill be working my ass off to get my liscence back, and my truck fixed.

After all of that gets done, i have friends who live in Tampa who ill be going out for drinks with on the weekend. So all in all ill be busy as hell. Not saying I wont be on the Forum, but i deffinatly wont be on in game much.