Portland Scientists Find Cure For Rosalia Virus!

Finally! ;D

February 1st, 2016 7:42 PM: Scientists At Portlands Van Vourge Research Center In Downtown Portland Have Found A Successful Cure For The Rosalia Virus, That Has Been Thought To Have Killed Over 32,929 People Over The Past Year, This Is A Huge Discovery For The Medical Community, And For Patients Who Suffer From This Disease. " We Never Thought This Would Work " Says Dr. Robert Cromwell, The Head Researcher At The Center, Saying That By Mixing Ti-Peptides In N-Terminal order, can help save the patient from the final, “Red” Phase Of The Virus, where patients start vomiting Blood and Quickly Die Afterwards, More Information Is To Come From The Research Center Later On This Week, Sample Of The Vaccine Have Already Been Sent Out To Major Hospitals Around The Creative/Survival Maps, Including: -Creative- Belport,Portland,Clarita,Budapest,Belmont,Konin,Ceres,Port Royal, New Empire, and Many More Cities,
-Survival- lalazooli, Acrachon, Mirador, and Minera
The Mayor Commented Aswell: “This Is Very Amazing” -whbilbo Mayor

From The Van Vourge Researching Center, I’m Serena Newman

did you mean?
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In the nicest way possible, wtf?



Rosalia is also an excellent anime :smiley:

that is called Rosario, my apologies

Tri-Peptide* also, the virus is a fictional copy of the ebola hemmorhagic fever.


I should probably get a hospital built in my city… Many people will die without this