Portland Builder Application Forum!

[size=26pt]Portland Builder Application Forum!

Hello, fellow PCBians! I’m here today to talk about the new Portland Builder Application Forum! Today I made (with the help from Whbilbo and Jmvvana!) a forum of where you can send in an application to be approved for builder (for Portland)!

[size=12pt]Everything you need to know is on the forum!


Congratulations to the new players who have been accepted;

Please reply with any comments you might have.

Best of luck,


If you are already cleared by Whbilbo, you don’t have to apply again.

Looking nice.

how dare you use comic sans?

D:< Why Claudia Why! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a question. Do people who have already been cleared by @whbilbo need to apply?

Some constructive critism:
How about you guys do something where you put it on that form, then as a requirement make them take you to their builds. (To see if they are ‘good’ enough).
Another could be: Message you in game, then make them take you to their builds.
And finally: Do a simple PCB Forum application for applicants who [want to] participate and make em add a screenshot. If screenshots don’t work for any reasons, their is always the above in-game message.
At the moment the google docs is fine… But some very lazy people might not want to fill that out…They should… but some wont. And that means less players in your town. And I believe you want [a] players in your town :wink: :wink:
Or if you just know em well… Just recruit em. Towns start i my case, Start with several friends, then slowly expand, then when you have enough people, try and persuade them to spread the word.) I see too many people who DO NOT encourage their builders to spread the word… and again. The only answer to that is less players. )
So anyways town start by spreading the word, passing ideas amongst each other, then when you have double the amount of agreers (just in case some like the ideas and the town, but are bus with other stuff, lets say you want 10 people, get maybe 20.) start a town then.
Just an idea, don’t take it seriously if you don’t want to, just some ways to get more players. And to see who can be a good mastermind with ideas lol.
I realize there are typos, but due to reasons (such as this: it deletes text everytime I fix a typo - weird) I cannot correct them. This is really stupid, but here are the typo words:
critism = should be: criticism
I = should be (in my case)

l8r all,

yeah… about that. we did this a while ago, and it did not turn out well

and just a question, sorry im just wondering :smiley: if this is the same sytem you use then how are your towns doing? besides the military project of course, and i must say, its nice! :smiley: -whiblbo

We will win someday. We will wipe Comic Sans off the globe once and for all.

My god. Not comic sans!
Amphi, the time for war has come. Prepare the authors and college graduates. Its time to wage war on teens and kids that run lemonade stands.


My most recent “in the wild” Comic Sans sighting was on a glass at a friends house. SERIOUSLY! Someone decided that they should have Comic Sans permenantely dented into the side of a glass displaying their company name for all to see. My most recent before that was on an awning for a market in New York City. The font is out of control. I see it in school daily. I’m in middle school.


this made me laugh for some reason idk why lol

Ferf, you’re in my prayers ;D

Why do we teens be chillin in da club and you bring all ya hate in ya grill, and hating us teens man. you never get us and we stand for wat we belivin in. so GTFO and ya be on ur way.


But school is the one place where comic sans is supposed to be used…

If you are already cleared by Whbilbo you don’t need to apply.

Kindergarten? Acceptable.
Elementary? Border-line acceptable.
Middle School? Not acceptable.
High School? NEVER under ANY circumstances acceptable.
College? Don’t even try.

Comic Sans is meant to be a silly, fun, and easy to read font for younger audiences. Being my age, that isn’t necessary. People should still be courteous and use visually appealing and professional fonts.

ex. Times New Roman, Arial, Century Gothic, Montserrat, Cabin, Josefin Sans, Verdana, etc.

eh our teachers do this to piss us off lol


What would happen if I suddenly decided to write all my posts in Comic Sans? ::slight_smile: