I’ve been curious for a while, and was wondering who +1’d me, i don’t wanna know about the -1’s

i +1’d you once

lol. PEOPLE realy dont like me XD my hates exceed my likes

Nek’s popularity is quite low… he’s too serious when he posts >:D

my popularity is only 10 :frowning:

I have no idea what mine is, ill post to find out xD

Make that 12!

as vain as this is, me too! :smiley:

Fine! Me too. I always thought it was odd that I did not get any negatives from either Hard, Nek, or Fili. I’m sure I have gotten on their case a few times. LOL

Is there any way that i can check who +1’d me?

Well. I know that 10 of my hates are from back in creative with echo and eddy. I have only voted down 1 person. and that is Yvell.

I do want to ask somthing. andy can you reset my popularity considering half the votes are from cretive

I wonder Wat my popularity I gues I’ll find out

hard that’s not true

I don’t even care for popularity. If I recall, you can add or subtract one persons popularity multiple times. So in the end it’s a pointless function that can cause drama amongst users who feel that Popularity means something.

It doesn’t bring either figure down though, just adds a number to the other side.

I never said that.

Read it again.

It actually tracks each side separately. That’s why some people have +5/-3. I agree with Nek that it is flawed since people can click it multiple times.

Never gave the whole Popularity feature much attention. In terms of change, there are a few options:

  • Change the system to a total (as opposed to two seperate totals for + and -)

  • Change the waiting time before a user can + or - a user again

  • Both?


Chicka yeah… one. Oh and they should only be able to vote once per person, but have the ability to change it whenever

…what’s happening? im still wondering who 1+'d me