Pollux__ - 3rd of August, 2016


Minecraft Username Pollux__

Date of Ban 3rd of August, 2016
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Jmvanna

Reason for Ban Unwanted Pvp

Reason to be Unbanned I should be unbanned because I’m a donator and i love this server i made an error and killed someone on purpose so i am truly sorry for doing that.

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
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“I should be unbanned because I’m a donator…”

We dont discriminate or choose one rank above another. Thank you for donating, but in no way does that keep you from getting into trouble and it doesnt prevent us from doing our job.

You were warned twice last night by Firideeks for staff disrespect and you’ve been on thin ice. Killing someone without their permission while youre on thin ice is a sure ban. Does anyone else have anything to add?

OK, one you killed me for no reason other than you were mad at me.

(Edit: I was killed, and Whbibo was attacked)

2 i only told people what you told me because it’s not right that you got hacked items. ive been on this server for a long time and i don’t like people who make it less enjoyable for others by cheating and looking better and bragging.

3 you annoying me and my friends, your against things that i feel strongly about and you push them aside.

4 when i’m talking to others you interrupt because you feel privileged. I’ve been a donator for years now and i’ve never felt like i deserve more because of it. I’m still a member of this community, i still get treated as such, punishment or not I MUST follow the rules. So should you. If i make you angry you should say so or just ignore me and stop talking to me until you feel appropriate to talk like an adult.

Jake im so sorry i did that
I will talk to you if i get unbanned
And ill delete the items and u will see me do it if u want.

How exactly did you aquire the hacked items? And what were they?

You’ve been a general pain to people! You’ve made false accusations against senior players and fought with staff. Its time someone pushed you off your high horse buddy. You need to realize that you don’t have any privilege above anyone in the community, especially since you’ve been apart of this server for a very minimal time. Learn to respect others! In my opinion, you shouldn’t be unbanned.

Joe u told me that those items where glitched remember? the spawn thing where it give u tools it stacked
That all i dont know if they are hacked but i consider them that way

You told Jake that you got them from a friend, although stacked stone tools was most likely from a spawning glitch. I dont think they were hacked, and I told you that. You flaunted these “hacked” tools as if they were a good thing.

Curse dude look ur a chill dude and like your personal space and yes i have to admit i am a bad person but i am going to give you and explication why… since i got donated 2 dollars for my 1 month rank i felt powerful, l yes i know i should do that and this is going for all the server community i really want to be unbanned and i am so sorry to everyone I’ve hurt with my madness i am really sorry guys I actually feel bad myself now that you have mentioned that Curse umm yea so if i get unbanned which is not likely I wanna start over seriously guys i wanna start all over with all of you and I am truly sorry I promise and guarantee you that Ill change if you unban me. Thanks ~Pollux__

I never considered them good ok i have a language error my friends say to me i call glitched hacked in a way idk y but ill try to say glitched. Yes Joe a friend gave them to me I did not get them myself.

double post pushed into one

This appeal is cluttering up the forums. Does any staff have anything to say? I’ll let the appeal sit for a bit, and will decide soon.

I beg you Joe for another chance

Ok Joe thanks
double post made into one… again…

Please dont continue to double post.


I got a report today from a player and I won’t name who it was (mostly b/c I don’t remember who it was) that you were using “hacked items”. They reported that you were giving them player heads to which I mentioned can be bought with the /buyhead commandant wasn’t sufficient enough evidence to issue you a punishment. They did mention also that they couldn’t explain how they were sure you had “other hacked items” but they mentioned that you totally bragged about it in TS or Skype (whatever they said)

Knowing this information on top of unwanted PvP and Staff Disrespect I think JM has a serious decision to make on behalf of the staff team.

Well if you knew, why was it a justification in your appeal?

Your reasoning is horrid. Your reason to be unbanned contains the three red flags that we look for in every ban appeal.

I’m a donator.
Ok sure, you donated. We appreciate that you helped the server, but that doesn’t mean we’re gonna cut you any slack.
“Immune from server rules” is not a donor perk.

This is my favorite server.
We couldn’t care any less. If you loved the server so much you wouldn’t do so much stupid shit.
If this is one of your reasons to be unbanned, you’ll most likely need to find a new favorite server.

I made a mistake and I’m sorry
If you regret it so much, why the fuck did you do it in the first place?
Sympathy also does not work on us.

Your ban appeal contains no detail. You did not explain the situation or what you did wrong. You did not apologize sincerely. If you want back in, you have to fucking prove it to us. You can’t come up with lame excuses we’ve heard a million times. You’re giving us the “my dog ate my homework” of ban appeals. That does not pass on this server.

This is a good ban appeal. This person was banned for a very similar reason that you were. Read their appeal. It IS detailed. It DOES explain the situation. It successfully expresses wrongs and is apologetic. Never once did this person use their rank as a reason to be unbanned, nor did they try to use sympathy.
Listening to and learning from others is a great way to do good in life. If you can’t do that, you’re gonna have a hard time getting anything done.

If I were the one making the decision, I’d give you one last chance to tell us why we should unban you. It’s not that difficult. If you aren’t able to do that, you have no business staying on the server.

Pollux, you’ve…

[ol][li]Been Disrespectful to players[/li]
[li]Been Disrespectful to staff[/li]
[li]Have a severe case of donatoritis[/li]
[li]Have overall been rude and a problematic player[/li]
[li]And last, but not least, as it is your ban reason: you’ve commited unwanted PvP[/li][/ol]

You do seem somewhat apologetic, and I’ll be merciful on behalf of PCB. Your appeal wasn’t a very good one, you didn’t give out many details, but I’ll give you another chance. In two months, that is.

If your attitude hasnt changed when we unban you, you will be permabanned. I’m being very lenient with you right now, but if you slip again, I will not hesitate.

Temp-Banned for two months starting today, August 3rd and ending on October 3rd.


Unbanned and locked. Welcome back