Pollux__ - 2nd of August, 2016


Minecraft Username Pollux__

Date of Ban 2nd of August, 2016
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Jmvanna

Reason for Ban Good Afternoon Yesterday August 2nd 2016 I killed Jake_Mu because I got mad with him and that was a bad choice getting mad at him.
I have offended staff and Ive been a complete douchebag since I got donated. And in other cases I got banned for fighting in chat and with other player I felt superior than them, and that is a huge mistake for me i really regret it.

Reason to be Unbanned I should be unbanned because I promise for all the server community that if i get unbanned Mark My Words: I will change my form of being Pollux, I will change my behavior, I will change completely, I will respect more, be more grateful with the community I really regret my actions right now and always. I will be a new Pollux__ to you all. I really regret my actions from yesterday I seriously do, and like a person said to me: “Why did I you do it in the first place?” Well the answer is simple because I was a stupid person. And I’m sorry for causing pain in all of your hearts I am sorry for causing pain in you feeling and I will be more than thank you if everyone accepts my apology.
Thank you For your Time
Have a good day!

[ Ban History ] 2 other ban appeals found
3rd of August, 2016

3rd of August, 2016

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You’ve already got your answer. That’s how long you’re banned for. Deal with it. Locked.