Poll for "Expansion of Seriona"

This is the poll for the expansion of Seriona

Removed the unnecessary post.

is this the majestic kingdom of seriona?

I agree with what jm is about to say


But… In response to what Asmo’s going to say… remember this. We have no conformation that that picture is the vast lands of Seriona.

if this is, I would recommend using the land you have, then expanding. Dont get too far ahead of yourself, because it will lead to issues later down the line.

This. Deal with what you have first. It doesn’t even have a warp.

No Seriona is at the very left of the dynamic map

sorry for the misunderstanding. It seems like this is the much vaster province of Seriona.


Now, there is one particular flaw I can find with this plan. Your plan mentions an ocean. There isn’t an ocean anywhere near you. Staff generally aren’t too keen on making oceans for you.

Well the ocean is more to the right of the dynamic map pic, and Seriona isn’t that old and it has a lot of land :P.
But yes that is Seriona

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