[Poll] [CMP] Enn River City: Abandon or Rebuild?

Hey guys. As many of you know, I am mayor of Enn River City. You see, Enn had so much potential whenever it was founded, but over the months it seemed to kind of grow in the wrong way over time, similar to an ingrown toenail. Now it has come to a decision. Either abandon or sell Enn as it is now, or start a revitalization project similar to what Hope is undergoing now. The revitalization project will almost completely rebuild the city in a better and more efficient way. What do you think? Put your answers in this poll.


A city is never too far gone, Yeshy. As long as you are patient and willing to persevere, and you keep a steady vision of what you want it to look like, I am sure Enn River City will turn out nicely.

The key is that you must decide what the city will/should look like, and that you don’t change that too often. Also, there will be days when you just get sick of working on it and want to do something else. On those days, I would encourage you to go ahead and do something else - keep your ambitions for your city, but don’t overexert yourself, and then return to it with renewed vigor.

Finally, be patient. The best cities on this server are the results of extensive planning, terraforming, and building. Rushing the process only results in a halfhearted, slipshod mess.

The most relevant and rather literal quote I can think of is Rome was not built in a day. Keep that in mind, and I am excited to see what Enn River City will become.

Holy crap, that was deep. cri

Can I have Enn River City? PLEASE? C’mon man please? :slight_smile:

No sorry, the restoration plan is already initiated.

I think Enn River City has a lot of promise, also maybe you could move your warp so it’s actually in the city, unless you plan to extend the city towards where the cities warp is. Also there’s a building that is literally completely made of iron blocks.

(Also Potato hotel is haunted and was condemned by Cortlandia Tourism :3 )

I am aware of the iron blocks building, it is going to be removed or relocated.

I think that Enn River City should be restored.

i will help with the restoration but my hotel is NOT haunted and shall remain open 4 EVAR ;D

Vote closed, thread locked. Please post any further restoration comments here: http://projectcitybuild.com/forums/index.php?topic=10035.0;topicseen

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