[POLITICS] Election 2017

That’s right! It’s back to the polls time. This is the (un)official thread for discussion of all things election, both British and French. There are some polls above this post, be sure to place a vote who you will/would support in either election.



Conservative Party - Right wing, led by Theresa May (current prime minister). The Conservative Party’s platform involves support for free market capitalism, free enterprise, fiscal conservatism, a strong national defence, deregulation, and restrictions on labour unions. This party supports Brexit.

Liberal Democrats - Centrist, led by Tim Farron. The party supports constitutional and electoral reform, progressive taxation, environmentalism, human rights laws, banking reform and civil liberties. This party opposes Brexit.

Labour Party - Left wing, led by Jeremy Corbyn (current leader of the opposition). The Labour Party has been described as a “broad church”, encompassing a diversity of ideological trends from strongly socialist to moderately social democratic, including nationalization of railways and increased social welfare. This party supports Brexit.

UK Independence Party - Far Right wing, led by Paul Nuttall. UKIP promotes a British unionist and British nationalist agenda. UKIP’s primary emphasis has been on Euroscepticism, calling for the UK’s exit from the European Union (EU). It has also placed strong emphasis on lowering immigration, opposing multiculturalism, and encouraging a unitary British identity. This party supports Brexit.

Scottish Nationalist Party - Centre-left, led by Nicola Sturgeon. The SNP is a Pro-European party, in which it would like to see an independent Scotland as a member of the European Union. Due to its nature, it is mostly neutral on issues unrelated to these two. This party opposes Brexit.



Benoît Hamon - Socialist Party (left). Hamon wants to give all French citizens a basic income, believing that the availability of work will decrease due to automation. He supports a 35-hour workweek, and less if a worker chooses in exchange for state compensation, and supports the legalisation of cannabis and euthanasia. He also argues for sizeable investments in renewable energy, aiming for renewable sources to provide 50% of French energy by 2025.

François Fillon - Republican Party (right). Fillon voted against the legalization of same-sex marriage in 2013, however, he says he will not ban the same-sex marriage law if elected President. He aims to reduce the public sector and cut 500,000 civil-service jobs, as well as increase the retirement age to 65.

Marine Le Pen - National Front (far-right). The National Front has a commitment to a massive reduction in legal immigration, and wants to up police numbers and powers and create 40,000 new prison places. Le Pen argues French citizenship should be “either inherited or merited”. As for illegal immigrants, they “have no reason to stay in France, these people broke the law the minute they set foot on French soil”.

Emmanuel Macron - En Marche (centrist). Macron has notably advocated in favor of the free market and reducing the public-finances deficit. He supports the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the European Union, and has controversially described France’s colonization of Algeria as a “crime against humanity”.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon - Unsubmissive France (left). Jean-Luc Mélenchon is a socialist republican and historical materialist, and he is a proponent of increased labour rights and the expansion of French welfare programmes. Mélenchon has also called for the mass redistribution of wealth to rectify existing socioeconomic inequalities. Domestic policies proposed by Mélenchon include full state reimbursement for healthcare costs, a reduction in presidential powers in favour of the legislature, the opposition of NATO, and the easing of immigration laws. He also supports the legalisation of cannabis.

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la pen & conservatives all the way - would vote labour but can’t stand corbyn

UK Independence Party and Le Pen

France has been hit by countless terrorist attacks over the past two years, its time for some change. Le Pen is France’s only hope

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If Le Pen wins the world is lost, Vive Macron!

The corbynist in me is triggered.

The corbynist in me is triggered more.

Well at least in the UK, we have reasonable options at the moment.

In France, it could end up being Le Pen (the practically racist) vs Macron (of the party founded last year). And while I’m not saying founded last year is a bad thing, I find it likely that the French public/media will.


Meanwhile at IS HQ…

“Oh no! the terrorist attack we happened to do in the middle of an election is for some reason making people vote for the right-wing candidate who will destroy us. Who could have ever forseen this? We’re doomed!”

Backstory: The Great Meme War of 2016* was the “war” fought by dank memers, specifically those from 4chan, iFunny and Reddit to bring Trump into office. They (myself included) made memes about Trump and Hillary and mass distributed them. The goal of the Meme Wars are to bring right-winged leaders into office. One of the most famous battles was the Battle of Shia LeBeouf. In this battle, 4chan-ers used flight paths, stars, passing cars honking horns and the power of meme magic to locate, tear down and replace a “HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US” flag planted by Shia LeBeouf’s livestream (he gave no hints as to the location of the flag to prevent trolls) with a Pepe shirt and Make America Great Again hat. Those who made memes during the meme war refer to themselves as “Kekistanis” from the great meme nation of Kekistan. The Kekistanis also fight the Normies of Normistan. Memers of the Great Meme War are also well known for the spread of the video of Hillary Clinton saying “I’m just chillin in Cedar Rapids” and the meme about Ted Cruz being the Zodiac Killer.

also, pizzagate. Pizzagate is largely credited to dank memers. God I hate politicians.

curse this website, but heres a link explaining some of it: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/meme-wars

*This isn’t to be confused with the Brazilian Meme War or the Skeleton War

Lastly, videos like this signalled the end of the Great Meme War of 2016, as millions woke up to victory after Election Day

You realise threads like this just make people dislike each other, right?

Wow seems the majority of us so far are Centrists

You missed out the best options for both countries.

In France there’s Jacques Cheminade. He believes that Queen Elizabeth II is involved in an international drug trafficking ring. He also wants to improve France’s space program by colonising Mars. He explained it with this excellent speech:

Today we don't have an actual space policy. We drag rickety obsolete objects like the old Star Wars rocket. So it works out in Star Wars with the weird bear and Larry Skywalker, but it doesn't work in real life.

In the UK there’s the Abolish Magna Carta Reinstate Monarchy party. They believe that the Magna Carta, which was signed by King John I in 1215 and limited what the King could do, is illegal and must be repealed. Their policies include:

[ul][li]Abolishing the Magna Carta[/li]
[li]Restoring the monarch to being the actual head of state[/li]
[li]Nationalise the railways, gas, electricity and post office[/li]
[li]Banning nuclear power[/li]
[li]Sending all immigrants and their descendents back to their country of origin[/li]
[li]Charging Karl Marx, who died in 1883, with treason[/li]
[li]Ethnic cleansing[/li]
[li]Outlawing controlling or killing people or animals with radio signals, punishable by death. Except in warfare.[/li]
[li]Banning disabled parking spaces[/li][/ul]
Obviously these two groups of completely sane people are a much better choice than those other ridiculous options.

Here endeth the sarcasm.

Oh and also voting for right wing parties in response to terrorist attacks is literally what IS want people to do because it alienates moderate muslims and turns them against the western world, causing more extremism.

Pretty good idea, being 100% serious

The United Kingdom might not rejoin the European Union, but I do support environmentalism, human rights and civil liberties all the way. I would most likely support the[size=10pt] Liberal Democrats.

[size=10pt]Mélenchon seems to be the most competent in becoming PM of France. My reasoning for supporting [size=10pt]La France insoumise is to stop the inequality of wealth, the legalization of cannabis, and to give legislation more power than the PM. [size=10pt]Marine La Pen’s policies seems similar to the right-wingers’ in the United States (anti-immigration and wants more prisons). I’m unsure about supporting the prevention of illegal immigration, because it can create a larger population for France and possibly bring more productivity, since there could be more workers, but could lead to overpopulation.

Based on the descriptions provided:
U.K. - Liberal Democrats
France - Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Conservative Party in the UK, Le Pen or Fillon in France.

Can’t wait to see liberals blaming ISIS in case Le Pen wins (which I don’t think she will) while at the same time opposing policies that want to fight it.

Politically Crazy Building(server)
PCB at its finest. ::slight_smile:

Vive Macron! Vive EU! Vive la France!

Macron represents geniality of a young one who wanted a change. His victory represents an end to extremism, and probably a great period of stability, both for France and for EU.

france is doomed

If you are going to post something please add reasoning behind your thought.

Marcon has literally said that terrorism is just part of daily life. He intends to allow more refugees in, which will add fuel to the fire.

I’m glad Macron won, since the EU doesn’t need another key member leaving it