Minecraft Username: pokemonfan215

Date of Ban: Either 24-08-2019 or 25-08-2019

Banned by: Do not know

Reason for Ban: Griefing the base of Milesd04

Reason to be Unbanned: I feel I should be let back on the server because of the community it has. I had enjoyed every moment I had on the server especially in the creative world. The city build server is something unique that very little other servers allow, I enjoy building and sharing my creations is my sole purpose for this server. What I did I understand now is wrong. I wish to seek a second chance.

Previous appeals: I have never been banned before.

I banned you. Miles and a few of his friends informed me that you had stolen the contents of multiple chests, and even went so far as breaking some blast furnaces and other such things. I’ll unban you on the first of September, but you are to return all items to me. Miles has already been given his stuff back, but I will be taking it back from you. Do not repeat this. Thanks, and see you soon.