Pokémon GO Megathread

Just thought I’d go ahead and make this thread as a discussion place for all of the Pokémon GO players on the server.

Still pretty new to the game, so once I know more, I’ll make this post look prettier and more official. As of right now, just go ahead do whatever.

Also; I’m about to get lvl 5. Which team should I go for?

Also gonna reserve this post just in case. Excuse the double post.

Articuno (blue)

statwise articuno was always (yes, that was a pun: superior) to Moltres and Zaptos (although Zaptos was badass), so I went with them. Blue team owns nearly every gym around me, so I’m assuming its likewise in other places too.

I joined team mystic (blue), but every gym I’ve seen has either been red or yellow :frowning:

To preface this story: I work a second job at Domino’s Pizza (partly because I took so long to submit my two week notice) every Friday.

The drivers (me included) walked around during the afternoon while waiting for runs. It seems the system was trolling and insulting us. We all found a Rattata in the back of the store.

All the pokemon in the gyms near me are far superior to mine and I just can’t keep up with them, like i’m only level 7 and these nerds are already level 20

As someone who is a Pokemon fanatic, where your statement is true, it was only Statwise-superior in Gen 1 and 2 but still had a lackluster movepool, and a 4x weakness to Rock, which Moltres shares. Nowadays, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who still uses either of these Legendary Birds, as they are still not Viable, which is why i went with Yellow Team, which represents the only Legendary Birds that is still viable to this day, with a nice Special Attack stat, and a good movepool that includes Heat Wave and Tbolt and a plethora of other good moves.

Glad to see another Instinct! We run pretty thin in population compared to the other two teams.

Zapdos is in a very close tie with Articuno in my mind, mainly because he looks badass, but the stats made Articuno my favorite. Moltres was a wannabe (apologies to my Moltres fans)

Moltres has ALWAYS been inferior to pokemon such as Charizard, even back in Gens 1-5 before the Mega Evolutions came out. now with the inclusion of Talonflame and Charizard Y and X, Moltres is just something you bring out if you’re bored and searching for a challenge.

Articuno’s only gimmick is it has access to Sheer Cold and Mind Reader, which is banned in most competitive play.

Zapdos is honestly the only one who is still viable. I will agree that Articuno has a better aesthetic design, but Zapdos is a monster if used correctly.

Gen 1-3 the legendary bird trio was near unstoppable when used correctly. My favorite Pokemon game was Heartgold, so thats where much of my burning (that was a pun) passion derives. What were your guys’ favorite gens?

I’ve never actually owned a Gameboy or DS, so I’ve never been able to actually play a Pokémon game for myself. I was honestly pretty surprised when there wasn’t any sort of Pokémon game released for the WiiU (the only console I actually do own). I was really expecting some kind of sequel, remaster, or successor to Pokémon Snap. I think Nintendo really lost out on something.

But oh well. I’ve been meaning to try and grab a Gameboy pretty cheap and play a game. GO has definitely made me want to a lot more so I can get a better background on all these little critters I keep finding.

I recommend playing HG/SS, or for that matter any game you can get your hands on. Black/White are garbage imo, so I’d avoid them.

I’ve had friends tell me to try X/Y or HG/SS. I’ll really just take whatever I can get my hands on.

X/Y were great games, but HG/SS had a magic about it that no other game could provide. Aside from Minecraft, Heartgold was the game to wear away my hours. (well over 1000 hours)

Edit: I just got super nostalgic, and I might restart HG

I played, in this order: HG[sup]1[/sup], SS[sup]2[/sup], Bk[sup]3[/sup], D[sup]4[/sup].
I also had a go at FR[sup]5[/sup], E[sup]6[/sup] (randomized[sup]7[/sup] for a nuzlocke[sup]8[/sup]) and B[sup]9[/sup]/Y[sup]10[/sup]/S[sup]11[/sup] on an emulator[sup]12[/sup] since I only have a DSi[sup]13[/sup], not a GB[sup]14[/sup]/GBA[sup]15[/sup].

My current playthrough is on D[sup]4[/sup], I’ve got 4 badges[sup]16[/sup], and (all L30[sup]17[/sup]) Staravia[sup]18[/sup], Grotle[sup]20[/sup], Kadabra[sup]22[/sup] and Luxio[sup]24[/sup].
Still looking for a good steel type to fill out my team[sup]26[/sup]

[size=8pt][sup]1[/sup] Heart Gold (Gen[sup]33[/sup] IV, remake of Gold (Gen[sup]33[/sup] II))
[sup]2[/sup] Soul Silver (Gen[sup]33[/sup] IV, remake of Silver (Gen[sup]33[/sup] II))
[sup]3[/sup] Black (Gen[sup]33[/sup] V)
[sup]4[/sup] Diamond (Gen[sup]33[/sup] IV)
[sup]5[/sup] Fire Red (Gen[sup]33[/sup] III, remake of Red (Gen[sup]33[/sup] I))
[sup]6[/sup] Emerald (Gen[sup]33[/sup] III)
[sup]7[/sup] All pokemon found in the wild or in gym battles etc. have a completely random species
[sup]8[/sup] If a pokemon faints[sup]27[/sup] it’s “died” and has to be released
[sup]9[/sup] Blue (Gen[sup]33[/sup] I)
[sup]10[/sup] Yellow (Gen[sup]33[/sup] I)
[sup]11[/sup] Silver (Gen[sup]33[/sup] II)
[sup]12[/sup] Thing that lets you play the games on the computer. I don’t have this anymore since my HDD[sup]28[/sup] got KO’d[sup]29[/sup]
[sup]13[/sup] Nintendo DSi (idk[sup]30[/sup] what that’s an acronym for. I think it’s Dual Screen but what’s the i?)
[sup]14[/sup] Nintendo GameBoy
[sup]15[/sup] Nintendo GameBoy Advance
[sup]16[/sup] Awarded when you beat a gym leader[sup]31[/sup]
[sup]17[/sup] Level 30 (typical mid-game level)
[sup]18[/sup] Normal/Flying type, evolved form of Starly[sup]19[/sup]
[sup]19[/sup] Normal/Flying type, evolves into Staravia[sup]18[/sup]
[sup]20[/sup] Grass type, evolved form of Turtwig[sup]21[/sup]
[sup]21[/sup] Grass type, evolves into Grotle[sup]20[/sup]
[sup]22[/sup] Psychic type, evolved form of Abra[sup]23[/sup]
[sup]23[/sup] Psychic type, evolves into Kadabra[sup]22[/sup]
[sup]24[/sup] Electric type, evolved form of Shinx[sup]25[/sup]
[sup]25[/sup] Electric type, evolves into Luxio[sup]24[/sup]
[sup]26[/sup] You’re allowed six pokemon[sup]33[/sup] in total
[sup]27[/sup] Gets to 0HP[sup]32[/sup]
[sup]28[/sup] Hard Drive
[sup]29[/sup] Knocked Out (broke)
[sup]30[/sup] I Don’t Know
[sup]31[/sup] Boss of a town
[sup]32[/sup] Hit Points (or sometimes Health Power)
[sup]33[/sup] Generation
[sup]34[/sup] Pocket Monster

you forgot to put one on “gen”


Also, related:

My fave pokemon game? Pokemon Silver. My first game was Red, and i played through every inch of Kanto, to the point that i know the Gen 1 and 2 games so well that i know the first pokemon every single trainer in the games will use before i get to them, and can switch party members accordingly.

Silver was the game that got me hooked though. With the updated graphics, using pokemon models for in party sprites, the day/night cycle that actually made sense, the Starter pokemon for Gen 2 are still my absolute faves and im looking forward to Mega Feraligatr a bit more than is healthy.

It was also the game to introduce my faveorite Pseudo Legendary, Tyranitar, and Legendary pokemon, Lugia. Not to mention Forretress, who was one of the main walls in the games for a long time, only have a 4x weakness to a relatively weak pokemon type, Fire. Speaking of Fire it also introduced my fave fire type, Houndoom.

IDK, you guys may not understand but Silver just had a kind of magic for me when i was 10 and it still holds onto me. Oh also. The other gens suck for one main reason: They dont have a douche rival character like Silver who actually has character development.