Hey guys! Earlier today at 11:49:57 AM UTC, the New Horizons probe became the first to flyby Pluto! For nine years and 3.7 billion miles it was zooming through the solar system at 31,000 mph. The pictures from the encounter will be posted on NASA.gov on July 15. Here are some pictures from the mission in order of date taken.

Pluto- Approach side, June 18

Pluto- Strange black features, June 29

Pluto- Rotation timeline, July 1-3

Pluto- Strange black features, July 4

Pluto- The whale and the heart, July 7

Pluto- The whale, July 8

Pluto- Geologic features- July 9

Pluto- Cliffs and craters, July 10

Pluto- Edge of the heart, July 11

Pluto- Approach side rotating into view, July 12

Pluto- Final picture before flyby, July 13

Tommorow, more information will be here, and it will be posted on this page. #PlutoFlyby!



But seriously this is so cool. Really interesting to look at. Space is awesome, in the true sense of the word.

AWESOME! Space is seriously so cool.

Sooooo coooool.
Can’t wait for the flyby images to get here!

Was I the only one who saw the angry moon from majora's mask?

Nope. But I am quite surprised you mentioned Majora’s Mask since in the time that I’ve known you, not once have you mentioned anything regarding the Legend of Zelda. WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH BRODUR!?!?!??

Anyways… This is really cool. I’ve always enjoyed seeing other planets/planetoids. Makes you wonder if it’s just a barren wasteland or if there’s something actually on it. Thanks for sharing! :smiley:

Petro i love the fact that you used a portal gif
and i like pluto

That. Is. awesome. My granpa would have said, “Pluto? The dog? We already had a flyby of him.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Flyby images will be released on NASA.gov at 3:00 PM EDT. Will be posted here.

Just thought I’d post this here :wink:

Now that we have all of these new photos, someone on reddit made a picture of all of the planets (not to scale obvs)


Pluto Through The Years