I am disabling a few plugins every day to try and get to the bottom of where all our RAM is leaking. At the moment the lottery plugin has been disabled.

I believe that it was Essentials last time wasn’t it? Maybe upgrading to the (newest?) version of it would help, if we aren’t already there?

Not lottery or no cheat plus.

Can I suggest something: It may be a combination of plugins, maybe lottery on its own is fine and no cheat plus is fine but when combined they cause lag.

Try buttonwarp

Can we try removing more plugins, the server is non stop lagging and keeps disconnecting everyone every day.

the server probably crashed at least 10 times in one hour D:

That was someone using world edit. That person knows who he is.

Yes - and I was working on the tree.

World Edit may have added on to the problem, but regardless, it disconnects people all the time. Is it possible that it isn’t a plugin? I’ve been the only one online for a while in the nether and it is still disconnecting me and lagging.

I’ve had some problems with Multiverse on my server, If you use that one, try disabling it for a few mins

The only problem is disabling multiverse could potentially cause some issues with config as when re-enabled the world settings would have to be reset. I’m pretty sure multiverse isn’t an issue because the developer would have a mob armed with pitchforks and flaming torches outside of his house. And we’ve had multiverse from the start.

Can you try reinstalling McMyAdmin?

May not have anything to do with it, but I kept losing connection to the backend with it.