Plugin Suggestion/Request

Hi! i am a new member to this lovely server and some of you might know that I’m working on a role-play series for my youtube channel. I would really appreciate it if we could maybe get a chairs plugin on the server so that i can have my character sit. but i think it could be a fun thing for everybody on the server to feel like they interact with their builds and maybe be more encouraged to build interior? Thanks for reading and have a nice day :smiley:

  • Braigar

Yeah no. Not gonna happen. However you can use minecarts to sit in without a plugin.

Yeah, this has been debated a lot of times.

I love this quote lol

Traincarts, so we can have “Real functioning trains”

Ye, not happening.

I love how the staff only eats vegetables.

I’m a lettuce according to wooly

Disclaimer Before reading, This is coming from my and the communities best interest. This is not an act against staff decisions this is just me trying to get my point across, I do not want this to become a big debate. Please do not take this in the wrong way.

Ever sine I have joined this server in the summer of 2014 there has never been a change that the community that members have wanted. Its sad to see how we are still using the boring old stuff and not adding more resources and plugins to the server to help accommodate the everyday community. Either its “We already debated this…” or “Yeah, HAHA no.”
To be completely honest I am ready for some new things to come to Project city build. I do not mean to be blunt but how is this server going to grow and suit the needs of its members without changing?
Its like in the real world. For example,
Global warming, People continue to drive gasoline cars everyday instead of switching to an alternative solution such as electric cars or trying out the local public transportation system.

With out change the server wont be as fun, causing its new members to leave. Without the new members this community will slowly die off, not everyone can stay on here forever you know?

I know that not a large percentage of the community doesn’t want these new plugins to be in effect, but a lot of us do. I personally want a chair plug in, lord knows how many people use stairs as chairs.

Also I do think we should have a Role play chat, I know that this will cuase problems for staff, but it isnt about staff. Its about the community. If the staff needs more staff members to moderate the chat then hire more people that are applying for staff, simple. Without the community there will be no staff, Correct?

So can we please start accepting some request that we have. I know a good amount of this community would love to see this go into affect.

That is all,

The reason we denied the roleplay plugin was due to the fact that only a small number of the community (which includes members and staff) would find it useful. Additionally, there are other outlets for roleplay like Skype, Discord, and TS which don’t disturb the rest of the community while allowing you to be heard.

Now, onto the bigger picture.

The reason so many of these are being denied IMHO is due to the fact that they’re mostly quite major changes. Sure, a chair plugin isn’t so big from the outside, but, if we accepted all of your requests, we couldn’t possibly put together enough money to run a server like that.

Here, I’ll even go so far as to continue your global warming metaphor/allusion. The main reason people haven’t switched to electric cars in America is due to the fact that buying a new car is a big undertaking, just like adding new plugins to the server is. With an electric car/new plugins, new problems will arise. The more plugins we have, the more is able to go wrong. We’re still trying to fix the plugins we already have, so it’s not in the community’s best interest for us to add anything at this time. The community is spearheaded by the staff, and if problems arise within the server, it’s the staff’s job to fix that. So, if we add more plugins, we add more possible problems, adding to the downtime of the server.

Does this answer your question? If you have any more questions, you can PM me or another staff, as I don’t wanna turn this into a huge debate either.

So, let’s turn our attention back to the thread at hand.


Thanks anyways and hope i did not start something here.

No problem. About interior design, I’m not sure how much is completed, but I know Wooly started an interior design workplace called IDEAS at /warp ideas. It’s based on Ikea lol. It might have some good ideas for your series.

As said prior, if a MAJORITY of the community truly cared for having a plugin, we’d consider it, even if it were against some staff decisions. However, you fail to realize we are running a server that is supposed to be as CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to Vanilla. Adding a roleplay plugin, a chair plugin, a parkour plugin, a space plugin, a plots plugin, Towny, all of these, pulls us even farther from VANILLA, what we wish the server to be.

In short, we don’t want to change the game for silly reasons. These are silly reasons.

Thanks i will check it out!

Yeah sorry i did not know. i won’t ask for anymore plugins.

Plugins are fine, that wasn’t what I tried to say. I simply said cosmetic and non-vanilla plugins are not what we are looking for. We are very open to suggestions, but won’t really approve it unless it’s a significant improvement without adding anything unneeded.

I think we can lock this now.

Locked, if this needs to be reopened, please do so.