Hey guys! ive been on this for quite some time and i would like to share it with you!

First you may have to log in with gmail or facebook.

I have created a group too for us!

If you would like to join me (and who ever comes on) tell me your mc name and rank and ill give you the respected rank.

guests- no rank
members-trusted: Featured DJ
Mod-SOP- Bouncer
Admins: Admin or Co-host
Owners: Ambassador or Co-host

Note: This may change if i see fit. You can also earn your way to a rank.

Please join me :3

FYI Trying not to sound like an advertisement. Because its not. Just a request!

Its as music thing thats in beta :3

Sounds like fun, I’ll check it out!

(Sorry about the other thread, it was very spambot-esque…)

No problem. More my fault though sorry :frowning:

For the sake of “official-ness”, here:

If you want Sword, you can be co-host, I only made this for the sake of “official-ness” only.

The thing is, I plan for this to go further than just PCB.

Fair enough, though personally, I’d rather a place for this community exclusively.

Speaking for myself here, I know I’d rather go to a place where I have something in common with people rather than a place where we come from different backgrounds.