pls understand (ban appeal)

Minecraft Username: dinamitmoo
Approximate Date of Ban: 2011-12-29
OP Who Banned You: ymbninjakiller

Reason for Ban: Water griefing.
Reason for Unban: I was making a lake and it was fun so I started floding (griefing) I’m deaply sorry and it wown’t hapen agein pls understand. I want a second chance pls.
Server: Creative

I greefed in the guest build but there was nothing there I just put water on the ground.

Waiting for ymb’s input on this, until then you are remaining banned.

Dude I put more than 6000 blocks of water figure that out. :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems you have a hacked account. Either that or you can suddenly type a lot better. Either way it now sounds malicious.

If your account has been hacked/someone else uses it etc, get that sorted and you may have a chance, until then…

I am in a meme mood today. Eh.

I remember you clearly, there was water EVERYWHERE! Over 5000 changes with just water, you placed it on top of trees, made some random lakes, over other peoples creations, and then some. I want to hear more of your side into this, and tell me really why i should unban you for that, then i’ll consider to give you a second chance.

look I know I screwed up but I changed I’m realy sorry. Pls give me a second chance I’ll be better you will see. I wown’t do anything for what you thing for banning me I’ll help out I’ll do anything just give me a second chance plssssss I’m begging you. :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\

This is really suspicious. That much griefing is more than enough for the ban to stay. Sorry, but I think you should stay banned. You need a better reason than sorry.

Just give me a second chance and I’ll prov you wrong I’m a good guy I just wana play at your awsome serv.

P.S. I love your serv but I didn’t know it was so great so I greefed.

What Zesty said. And that really didn’t answer my question, i want a clear reason as to why I should unban you,and why you have done what you’ve done. I’m giving you one more chance to give me a good reason and explanation. If i don’t like it your staying banned, but if it’s decent then i’ll consider unbanning you.

You have one last chance. You may post once more with a good reason, if it is another begging post it will be an instant no.
Choose your words wisely.

6000 blocks o water is way too close to deliberate grief.

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