Plot twist!!

Once upon a time, Prilaman was married to MexicanKnight14. They had a son named Ferrari5746. They lived peacefully in the town of Middlebury… until…
PLOT TWIST: The local bandit Big Daddy shot MexicanKnight14.

(Post your plot twists or additions to the story)

PLOT TWIST: MexicanKnight14 is actually Prilaman’s long lost african american stepmother escaped from azkaban

PLOT TWIST: I actually survived and went into hiding!

PLOT TWIST: Mexican summoned the massive Rent a Zilla, and trampled the country side looking for Big Daddy

Story Killer: Everyone died

SwordMaster’s part is to be ignored

PLOT TWIST: Mexican staged an elaborate ruse to make swordmaster think that everyone died.

PLOT TWIST: During that elabrate ruse everyone actually did die but the reason MexicanKnight14 was sent to azkaban was for practicing magic that raises the dead. He uses it to bring everyone back to life.

PLOT TWIST: Ferrari5746 is actually MexicanKnight14’s father and taught him black magic. Ferrari5746 killed Prilaman’s child and disguised himself as the dead child.

My reaction: revenge on Ferrari5746 and MexicanKnight14

Plot Twist: Ferrari is actually a frog. Mex is a pine cone. Pril is a cookie.

A squirrel ate Mex, a fat man ate Ferrari, and Pril was ate by a 5 year old.

you… you cheated on me D:

PLOT TWIST: I had an affair on MexicanKnight14 with Namillo :o

PLOT TWIST: I was having an affair with Namillo the entire time

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There is a thread in the admin board about that, I seem to remember it being mentioned that it was doable.

PLOT TWIST: Spec likes this post and unlocks it.

PLOT TWIST: Semi decides to murder a tree…in the nether…while fighting 50000 withers…and beats em’ all!!!