Please unban sebertkillerz

Dear Staff,

About the incident of sebertkillerz, can u please unban him. its been almost a year now and i think he will do fine in the server

He needs to appeal.

Also, you are clearly him. So appeal, instead of pretending you’re not him.

And before you deny it, your IP is traced to practically the SAME place, this account was made TODAY, and your first post was asking him to be unbanned.

So I know what I’m talking about.

just please

Nope. Seeing as you were IP banned, you can either appeal proper, and if you refuse (implying you will be unbanned, you were an absolute headache) You will be IP banned again, if needed.

Please its been a year now he is sorry about it and he will behave in the server and he was just trying to have fun

It is you, as I said. Quite obvious too, with the way you are going about this.

Last chance.

If you fail to do this, you’ll be IP banned here as well.

done with the appeal, come see it