Please Read

Hi guys,

as some of you might know already, I’m moving today! This means I wont have any internet for a few days. so it doesn’t mean I’m not coming back.

Cya guys soon :smiley:

Thanks for your understanding,


Where are you moving to? :smiley:


Have a nice and easy move! :smiley:

Totally fine to not answer, but where are ya moving too? :wink: Is it closer to where I live? Ahaha :slight_smile:

See you soon!

Best of luck in moving! Cya when you get back! =)

Thank you for all the wishes, using my 3G. And sadly it’s a hour further away :frowning:

Hope it all goes alright!

Good luck, I hope you like your new home!

Hope everything works out alright! :slight_smile:


Psst… we have a centralised absence thread too :wink: