Please Read.

I understand that we are all excited about our new map and thank you to all the staff who helped to get it back up and running relatively smoothly but I’m going to have to put a dampener on things for a few minutes. There are a few things that I as a staff would like everyone to remember. I will not speak for all staff but this is the way I see things currently.

  1. I want you all to understand that the map is brand new and not pre-generated. That means that when you guys go off exploring the new map the chunks have to load and this my little friends means lag. Lots of lag.
    For a short time lag is going to be our new best friend so I would appreciate if we didn’t have the constant complaints about lag, it tends to make chat rather boring and repetitive when we could be talking about puppies and kittens. In saying that I don’t mind people asking if every one has lag but you only need to ask once. I also don’t mind you saying Lag? or Test to see if your lagging/ disconnected.

  2. I’m sure you all saw that the server was off for quite a while after the update. In case there are some among you who don’t know but there were a few technical issues that some of our staff did an amazing job fixing. Currently there may still be some minor issues. We appreciate being told but we don’t appreciate being told about the same problem by 20 different people.
    To fix this I ask that if you see a problem just jump onto the forums and post it. If the problem has already been posted by someone else then its a simple as don’t post again. This makes it easy for all the staff to know what problems have occurred without the huge number of people complaining about the same problem.

  3. This is a reoccurring issue that doesn’t really have anything to do with the map reset. Guys if there is a griefer/ ass hat then don’t all go capsing and yelling in the chat. It makes it hard to see what really happened this is especially true for trusted, your names are bright blue for fuck sake.
    What I ask is that you use a much easier way of getting our attention.A private message or a polite message in chat like “Hey Em can you help me with this player?” if I didn’t see what happened I’ll ask the people it happened to. I don’t need a ridiculous amount of messages that say BAN HIM, GRIEFFFERRR, KICK HIM, EM GET RID OF HIM. You do not decide who gets, banned staff does. We are staff for a reason and we don’t kick someone over stupid minor offenses we give warnings otherwise we would have very little players on the server.

I know this is a lot but if you keep this in mind its easier for everyone and staff like myself can enjoy their time on with, hopefully, less drama.

Well said Em


Me when I see someone complain about the lag:

Omg this gif is so relevant towards everything


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