Playstation Network

As I only have one person added on psn at the moment, I thought I may as well get some people from here xD
Post your psn name below if you wan’t me to add you :smiley:

I need to fix my account, it kinda broke and i never fixed it.

v4i0vist4 My brother made the account and decided leet was fucking cool -.-

Brodur … Yes it is brodur xD

stop making fun of me

What games do you have also? I’m just interested xD

Saints row 3
Lbp 1+2
Cod 4 5 6 7
Skate 2 + 3
Rayman Origins

BF3 BFBC2, that kind of thing xD

I added all of you by the way, but haven’t been on in a few days xD

Meh… I lost my addiction a while ago, it’ll return sooner or later.