player mods

What are some banned player mods and is there a criteria for mods

Xray mod is deff banned. i think the only one allowed on here that dosn’t require its own plugin is the flymod

what about the smart moving mod (

Pretty neat mod, but goof is right. It won’t work unless we install it. Feel free to suggest any other mods. Something may just catch our attention and get implemented.

One mod I encountered is called McMMO. Read about this guys. I love the idea of this one. We can actually gain abilities and perks based on our actions? Heck yes.

Oh hell no! McMMO is really annoying and actually would conflict with world edit and the lb stick, You ready your.axe! You ready your stick! Its cool and all, but personaly I dislike it

I would love to have some smart movement in this server. That could also add to some of my movie. :stuck_out_tongue:

I never really got what McMMO was about. It said that my skills leveled up some times, but idk what that was good for.

I saw some videos about the smart moving mod seems difficult but cool at the same time.

I tried smart move on the serv and it works for me so can I use it

idk the MCMMO sounds neat to me.

Really? You sure?

It only does a few things, you can’t actually do everything on the server. Like you can’t jump and grab leges and you can’t crawl through 1x1 spaces.

Got it. I thought he meant everything in the mod worked, I was like @_@

Flymod is allowed, otherwise assume the mod is banned. Unless it’s something like Optifine which reduces lag. Basically anything that gives you an unfair advantage over other players is not allowed to be used on our servers (except flymod).

Hard, the MMO thing would not conflict with the stick. You are right that it wold conflict with the “woodenaxe” but it won’t with any others. I would like to hear a valid reason it won’t work here.

The MMO thing would add many tangible benefits to everything you do in MC. It enables the repair of enchanted armor, gives a roll effect that reduces fall damage by a lot, gives all kinds of active abilities, and tons of passive ones. Read up on it, it’s neat.

The 'YOU READY YOUR ’ gets annoying when opening and closing doors/chests/furnaces/etc. I haven’t looked at it much, but there are some cool features it seems.

o.O That does seem cool, can we get it? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: I just thought it was something that made you feel like your doing something when your just falling off of cliffs on accident. XD “Your acrobatics skill has increased” Or what ever it says when you get a level up from falling to your near death. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a reason not use it. People can use the special ability with a diamond pickaxe and triple the drop and instantly destroy blocks so getting obsidian is easy and you can get a crap ton more of diamonds… But I believe can turn off certain special abilitys. I don’t really like it either… :confused:

From what I can see, McMMO = Lagfest which isn’t good considering our current lag issues.

Oh goodness please no! PLEASE NOT MCMMO!

oh didn’t know that it lagged horribly. nevermind then