Player Market

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There is now a new Player Market! As of now, you may now create shops within this new structure. Please remove your shops/items from the old market before doing so.

To get to the new player market, /warp newmarket
To get to the old playermarket, /warp market

Just as a highlight, Market rules are as follows:

[ol][li]You must not build outside the boundary of your shops.[/li]
[li]You can alter the immediate walls and floors (change materials/blocks).[/li]
[li]No blocks are to be placed outside your shop except for the sign(white wool above the entrance). You may also build one block outside of your shop.[/li]
[li]You can only own one shop.[/li]
[li]If your shop is empty, it will be flagged for removal[/li]
[li]You may also claim a whole kiosk in the center to yourself, if there are any available.[/li][/ol]


Isnt it only 1 block outside your shop?


Can I make a suggestion on the 1 block rule?

I think you should be allowed to have a 2 high (1x1) pillar outside your shop. Technically you could do this by having a floating block, but that would look strange!

1 block out, as in, the whole section that is touching the boundary of the shop.

Who’s market was it that got picked?


Also, how is it more laggy? I get no lag in there.

i get minimul lag, but only cause of the Item Frames. before those were added, i got none