Player Join Issue

For no apparent reason, players names don’t show nor a notification when they join. This is out of nowhere and causes problems for Trusted + to prevent new players from griefing as they will have plenty of time before we (at least I) periodically check TAB.



Yes it also scares the heck out of you when you think you’re alone and somebody starts chatting out of the blue.

That or someone disconnecting when you never saw them join. I agree its nice to see.

That isn’t just a problem with new people. When I’m playing, sometimes I see hard or rip log off web I never saw them log in. Even when nobody is talking in chat, and I always check the chat… Cuz… Well I like to talk w/ people. Anyway, but usually it says "Welcome " but sometimes that doesn’t happen. And some people like Chev has had a really hard time joining forums for some reason… Something abt this email O.o

I noticed the issue as well. Those I saw on did not see that I had arrived and later ggg started talking without a log in notice. I wonder what changed to cause this?

Sorry guys, I changed some server settings the other day and forgot to revert that one back. It’ll be fixed for both servers on next reboot

Lol i was meaning to say something yesterday but totally forgot, seems issue has been fixed might aswell lock

Thanks Andy :slight_smile:

Thank you andy!