Player Head Perms

[size=12pt]I think it would be very beneficial to allow Trusted+ players to use skulls/player heads. They’re a very useful building tool nowadays. I don’t see why it should be staff/SOP+ only. This is a building server, I demand more blocks! (Please)

For me, player heads are an essential part of building. The diversity of the player head is a great resource.

One small concern; some player head gallery websites store head data by player ID (the c1274-n3315kn-3158-21 type crap), versus usernames. Would it still be possible to use IDs to obtain heads? I know it works fine with /give when using meta data.

I can sort this out for you guys tomorrow.

I believe the /skull command only works with player names, though… Will have to test it.

that would be great if you could cheers ouhai

Trusted+ has it in Big City, but we’re almost always on creative. Allowing us to have /skull would be great.

Im sorry how are player heads essential to building buildings?

It can be used for decorating, for the lols, or to give credit to players.
I have an example of a “credit”. I got Animaz’s head (He gave it to me >.>) and put it up on my town hall (which he built), settled comfortably above a lovely sign that says “Made by the beautiful Animaz”. C:

It’s good for easily seeing who made a build, and for extra detail like ceiling lights, interior objects, things on trees, etc.

It’s like the versatility of the banner.

Personally I think this should be Member+ It’s a real pain to ask some OPs and what not for heads as most are pretty busy. I think it would be better on both sides if members could do /skull too!
Here’s a useful head Database I use:

A: Stop necro’ing. It’s getting annoying.
B: Heads should be Trusted+, because we don’t want brand new members instantly getting heads. Members could just ask.

It’s only 20 days old. It isn’t necro’ing

True, also are we going to get to a point where we do have skulls enabled again for Trusted+ in creative? I really agree with how they’re a good addition to building/add variety.

Why not?

and anyway, it generally takes brand new members a while to get used to the commands.

Or a 3D version of the banner with way more possible outcomes…

i agree that its a good building tool ,i think we should have it

I have been trying, honest!

Pex isn’t letting me for some reason, so I’m going to set up a head bank for the Creative map. I’ll make an announcement when it’s open.

why do you have to disagree with me every time i post >:( its getting annoying TBH

I think it’s already decided upon :S

I don’t even know who you are >,>