Player Events

So recently, things like the Mob Gauntlet and Left 4 Dead have been put together by some people, Shadowmeire in particular. The problem is, not many people are showing up. These events can be a lot of fun, and have great participation awards, and prizes for winning. I highly encourage people to try their best to attend these events, the entry fee is very small compared to what you get for playing. Mob Gauntlet is 7pm EST on Sundays, and L4D will be sometime around night on Tuesdays EST. Bring your friends!

I am sorry robin that I have not been attending said events. It is that my mom has made our computer strictly not used for games, as of now I am saving for my own pc but it is still a little pricey and I don’t get paid enough helping my dad with his job. But I try to sneak it out at night. But there is good news in this because next week is spring break and I will be home and she won’t. I am sorry guys I miss playing with you.

Courage! We all thought you died! Yes, I also recommend everyone to come out and participate. These games are a lot of fun, and getting participation rewards never hurts.

not just that, but i also work my ass off making sure you guys have some weekly things to look forward to. Just make sure you come play, and ill make sure new stuff gets done.

The odds are never in your favor, join a team! Or make your own!

Aye but lads, these are always at the worst time for me- I use GMT, and damnnnn it’s late when these things are on. 11 O’ clock on a sunday night for minecraft? Much as I’d like to, it’s reallly inconvenient for me, and I’d imagine for a lot of other people as well.

Either making it Saturday night or like 2 hours earlier would make it a lot more accessible for a lot more people.

Time is also an issue for me. I use GMT as well, and 11 PM is pretty late to be playing MC…

If someone else wants to take over, and do it earlier, go for it. Currently I’m working around an unpredictable work schedule.

I WOULDNT MIND TAKING OVER :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you have to be at least op to be in control of it right shadow?